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Following my passion at Tokyo Tech

Roy (center) challenging seven-scoop ice cream with friends
Ananya (center) challenging seven-scoop ice cream with friends

Ananya Roy
From October 2014
Department of Environmental Engineering, doctoral degree student

What brought you to Japan and Tokyo Tech?

Successfully completed Master's program
Successfully completed Master's program

After earning my bachelor's degree, I was looking for a graduate studies opportunity in a university abroad with two-fold priority: to find a laboratory relevant to my research interest and one that offered a full-funding opportunity. Right at that moment, one of the Tokyo Tech alumni told me about the IGP program at Tokyo Tech. Knowing that Tokyo Tech is one of the top universities in the field of engineering (according to the QS World University Rankings), I felt thrilled for the opportunity to be able to immerse myself in a premier interdisciplinary program while learning Japanese heritage and language.

Tell us about your studies and life at Tokyo Tech

Beautiful shibazakura (moss pink) in the background
Beautiful shibazakura (moss pink) in the background

With a recommendation from Tokyo Tech, I was accepted into the IGP(A) program, which is an integrated doctoral program, and was privileged to receive a scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ("MEXT"). The scholarship does not only cover the tuition fees but also the living costs in Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. On top of that, I found that all the courses of IGP are taught in English for the benefit of international students.

Kayak adventure in Okutama
Kayak adventure in Okutama

Out of many disciplines of study offered at Tokyo Tech under the IGP, I chose the International Program for Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (IPISE). IPISE offers several interdisciplinary courses, which enabled me to learn about liberal arts, humanities, mathematics along with my research field in Transportation Safety and Planning. Furthermore, I was able to shorten my Master's program from two years to one and a half years. This was a further benefit for choosing Tokyo Tech as the school has formulated a new education system through which a student can complete both Master's and Doctoral programs within a minimum of three years.

First fall experience in Tokyo Tech
First fall experience in Tokyo Tech

Although the Doctoral program requires only twelve credits in this new education system, the introduction of career design courses has made this program more interesting. They truly helped me to focus on my future career. Moreover, these courses allow students to undertake international internships and training, which are very important for forming strong people skills and professional network, improving my presentation skills let alone the opportunity to widen one's outlook towards life and international experience.

Enjoying Christmas illumination
Enjoying Christmas illumination

I now have many international friends whom I met both inside and outside of Tokyo Tech. I learned about their cultures, traditions and their way of thinking. Also, I am very glad that I became a member of Tokyo Tech International Student's Association (TISA), which is a hub for both international and Japanese students; it's a bridge between Tokyo Tech and its students. Through TISA activities, I have many wonderful memories and these experiences have helped me to think outside the box, to develop my people skills, and to overcome my social shyness.

What is your future dream?

Through the career design courses, I rediscovered my strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helped me decide my future career path. I want to be established in academia and I would like to bring my research into reality for the benefit of the society. The knowledge I have gained and the research I am conducting on transportation safety and modeling can bring change in the field of transportation planning. I have had many opportunities to meet experts in my field and fellow researchers from home and abroad through conferences where I could further build my professional network, which is also important for one's future. I also believe that one should follow his/her passion, stay true to oneself, never follow someone else's path, and once one's path is identified then by all means one should follow that path.

Do you have a message to those who wish to study in Tokyo Tech?

With Maiko during Kyoto-Nara trip organized by Tokyo Tech
With Maiko during Kyoto-Nara trip organized
by Tokyo Tech

For the youngsters, do not miss any opportunity to work in your chosen field. Tokyo Tech is one of the leading universities in science and technology and is reforming to become more international. Tokyo Tech's students are admired everywhere — both at home and abroad. Alumni from Tokyo Tech are noted for their achievements and brilliance and this has put them into top positions in Japan and overseas. The facilities and laboratories here at Tokyo Tech are well equipped and language is not a barrier for study here. Additionally, if you want to have a taste of real Japan, this is your chance. Meeting experts and making friends from all around the world will give you a feeling of satisfaction, which will motivate you for your future endeavors.

You have a choice. You can either be a passive victim of circumstance or you can be the active hero of your own life. And you are always welcomed to become a member of the Tokyo Tech family.

Visiting Enoshima with international students from TISA
Visiting Enoshima with international students from TISA

Tokyo Institute of Technology Bulletin No. 43 (August, 2016)