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From Brazil to Japan - Beginning Studies and Making Friends at Tokyo Tech

Eric Tada from Brazil has just started his Undergraduate studies at Tokyo Tech.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science Eric Tada

Eric Tada
From April 2014
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science

Why did you decide to come to Japan for study abroad?

When I was in Brazil, I had various opportunities to find out about Japan’s outstanding technologies such as the “Shinkansen” (bullet train) and various robots. Japanese companies are also highly respected around the world. I was sure that I’d have to go to Japan to study the most-advanced technology.

Before coming to Japan, I’d been studying Japanese for 3 years. I had a choice to go on to University in Brazil, but rather than studying in Brazil in Portuguese, I wanted to benefit from wider experience and improve my Japanese further. That’s when I came to know about the Japanese Government Scholarship by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

Why did you choose Tokyo Tech?

My high school in Brazil had an associated University and a professor there recommended me to study at Tokyo Tech.

I came to Japan as a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship student and joined a one year Preparatory Educational Program in Osaka. There I studied Japanese and other necessary subjects to prepare for entering University. I studied hard so that I could enter my 1st choice, Tokyo Tech.

Four months has passed since entering Tokyo Tech. How is your school life?

My school life at Tokyo Tech has started smoothly. At first, it was difficult to understand the registration system of classes, but I was able to get some advice from my tutor*. I also have many opportunities to communicate with other exchange students so I don’t have any problem of not being able to consult with anyone.

I have classes from Monday to Friday, starting from the first period, and after classes I spend most of my time to review and prepare.

After entering Tokyo Tech, each international student will have a tutor (usually a Japanese student) for about 6 months, to support activities at Tokyo Tech and also daily life.

Are you able to manage with your classes conducted in Japanese?

Through the Preparatory Educational Program, I got used to classes held in Japanese, and also classes such as math and physics do not require so much language ability so I don’t feel so much difficulty in these classes.

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand some of the humanities classes which have unfamiliar Japanese expressions. However, there are classes that accept reports in English, which is very helpful for exchange students.

What classes do you attend?

Experiencing drilling with the drilling machine (in the class “Mechanical Engineering Literacy” )
Experiencing drilling with the drilling machine
(in the class “Mechanical Engineering Literacy” )

I attend fundamental classes such as math and physics, humanities classes such as Japanese language, Japanese Culture and Society, Chinese and Politics, and special subject classes such as Descriptive Geometry and Graphic Science, Engineering Mechanics. We have practical training in these classes where we learn how to use various machines. Recently I learned how to use the turning machine, milling machine and the drilling machine. I had already operated these machines in Brazil, but now I am deepening my knowledge by building pieces with a higher level of precision.

Your study at Tokyo Tech has just started. How would you like to spend your campus life here?

To absorb everything I study in my classes, I would like to truly commit to each of them. And apart from my studies, I have lots of great friends including other Japanese Government Scholarship students, and also members of the Tokyo Institute of Technology International Student Association (TISA). On weekends I have time to spend with friends, and to enjoy my life at Tokyo. I hope I can do some part-time jobs eventually.

I think Tokyo is the most attractive city in the world. You can do whatever you want and despite the fact that it’s a huge city, it’s very safe. Earning this wonderful opportunity to live in Tokyo and learn at Tokyo Tech, I would like to make the most of this chance.

After graduating from Tokyo Tech, I’d like to go on to graduate school. I haven’t decided my further plans yet, but I might wish to become a researcher in Japan or I might go back to Brazil and work there. Right now I would like to deal with my study and daily life to the best of my ability.


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