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Studying Traditional Art at Tokyo Tech - Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Yuqi is a visiting student from China. She talks about the attraction of studying art at Tokyo Tech.

Foreign Language Research and Teaching Center: CAO, Yuqi

CAO, Yuqi
April 2015 - March 2016
Foreign Language Research and Teaching Center
Affiliation in China:
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Why did you decide to come to Japan for study abroad?

Japan has always been one of my favorite countries but I actually started developing an affinity after I came here for a week-long homestay on a government exchange program when I was a junior high school student.

Also, this experience motivated me to study Japanese further in university. For my undergraduate thesis, I chose to write about Tenshin Okakura, a Japanese scholar and artistic leader who contributed to the development of arts in Japan in the Meiji era, simply because I always liked traditional art.

However, choosing this topic actually led my decision to pursue a master's degree in that field. I thought of a Chinese university for my master's degree at first but with the advice of my academic advisor, I started looking into Japanese universities.

Why did you choose Tokyo Tech?

I have been asked the same question all the time. Before I decided to apply for Tokyo Tech, I looked into every national university in Japan and found Associate Professor Gyoubai Sen whose research target completely matched with my research interest. I was so fortunate to find her and knew Tokyo Tech was where I wanted to go, and this was confirmed after I met her. The extensiveness of Dr. Sen's knowledge is so impressive, which continues to inspire me.

Four months has passed since coming to Tokyo Tech. How is your school life?

Now that I made some friends here, things are going well. I study how Japanese art developed in the Meiji era has influenced Chinese art of the same period. It may come as no surprise but students with a science background see the same thing differently from those with an arts background. For someone like me who is used to the thinking of arts students, it is eye opening to learn their perspectives with art, and those are the times in which I find Tokyo Tech to be truly "interdisciplinary".

What is your dream in the future?

I've decided to pursue my master's degree here at Tokyo Tech. I am actually studying for the entrance examination, which will be held next month.

After finished with my degree, I would like to go back to China to teach and do research at a university. As we all know, China's economy is booming. However, the people do not seem to appreciate art as much as Japanese people do, which tells me that there may be still room for China to grow, not so externally but internally.

Economic growth is unquestionably important for a country to develop however I believe that true human richness dwells in our thought and heart. I am hoping to be able to do my part to nurture its inner growth with my knowledge.

(Interviewed in July 2015)

Yuqi (front row, far left) with other international students in Enoshima
Yuqi (front row, far left) with other international students in Enoshima

Art books given by Associate Professor Sen
Art books given by Associate Professor Sen


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