Recruiting Peer Supporters

The Tokyo Tech Student Support Center is recruiting students interested in becoming involved in peer support activities.

What are Peer Supporters?

The Tokyo Tech peer support system involves students helping students. Peer supporters give advice about school life to undergraduates. We are looking for experienced students interested in making campus life easier for new students.

Application Deadline

February 14,2022


Tokyo Tech undergraduate and graduate students
*Japanese communication skills are required.

Job Description

Consultations for fellow Tokyo Tech students

A Schedule for the Year

April: Advice sessions for newly-enrolled students
August: Informational sessions for prospective students and their parents at Open Campus
September: Advice sessions on a wide range of campus life issues
January-March: Advice sessions about undergraduate major affiliation
March: Assist incoming students with enrollment procedures


¥1,050/ hour (for consultations)

How to apply

Submit the completed application form to Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center at Taki Plaza B1
or Send the form as an attachment to



Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center