Partnerships with museums

Tokyo Tech is a member of the National Museum of Nature and Science Partnerships with Universities, Campus Members of the Tokyo National Museum, Campus Members of the National Museum of Art. Membership benefits are available to Tokyo Tech students through these programs.

Partnerships with universities / Campus member programs

Partnership with the National Museum of Nature and Science

This program is run by the National Museum of Nature and Science. Program members engage in various projects in partnership with universities with the aim of improving the scientific literacy and scientific communication skills of students.

Associated programs include admission discounts for students (including graduate students) from member universities that pay annual fees based on their student enrollments. With these discounts, the students are admitted to the museum facilities (National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno Park, Institute for Nature Study in Meguro, and Tsukuba Botanical Garden) free of charge (for permanent collection exhibitions) or with a 630 yen discount (for special exhibitions).

Students can also participate in Science Communicator Training Programs (primarily for graduate students, but undergraduate students and adults are also welcome), a natural history lecture series titled the "Natural History of the Japanese Islands" (for undergraduate and graduate students), a technological history lecture series (for undergraduate and graduate students), and on-the-job training at museums. All of these programs are provided at discounted rates (usually 50% off).

Campus Member Program by Tokyo National Museum

The Campus Members Program is available to universities with the aim of having students become more familiar with Japanese culture and cultural properties. Students, faculty and staff of member schools are eligible for free admission to the regular exhibition. Students also receive additional discounts on special exhibitions and member school-only seminars. We encourage educational institutes to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Campus Member Program by the National Museum of Art

This program aims to provide students with more opportunities to make effective use of art museums in their daily lives, experiencing the real thing in person with their own eyes and becoming familiar with art so that they can acquire a richer culture and sensitivity to art work. Tokyo Tech students, faculty and staff can view exhibition works from the collection free of charge and special exhibitions at a reduced rate at the four museums in the Tokyo area.

National Museum of Nature and Science
National Museum of Nature and Science

Futabasaurus suzukii
Futabasaurus suzukii


Free admission to permanent collection exhibitions and discounted admission to special exhibitions are available at the following facilities.
Present your student ID card to ticketing staff at the time of admission.

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • National Museum of Nature and Science, Ueno District
  • National Museum of Nature and Science, Institute for Nature Study
  • National Museum of Nature and Science, Tsukuba Botanical Garden
  • The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • The National Museum of Western Art
  • The National Art Center, Tokyo (No permanent collection exhibitions)
  • National Film Archive of Japan

For more information, go to the websites of the participating museums and organizations.

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