Tokyo Tech On-Campus Daycare Center, Tech Tech Nursery

Tokyo Tech On-Campus Daycare Center, Tech Tech Nursery

Tokyo Institute of Technology opened an on-campus daycare center, "Tech Tech Nursery," at the Ookayama Campus on April 1, 2017. The nursery plays an important role in contributing to our local community as well as welcoming diverse people to the Institute from all over the world. In collaboration with Ota City, part of the facilities are open to local residents struggling with the high demand for daycare.

The name "Tech Tech Nursery" comes from our nickname "Tokyo Tech" and "teku teku" — the Japanese phrase for how toddlers walk.


As of April 1, 2023


Tech Tech Nursery


National University Corporation, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Human Academy Co., Ltd.


Regional childcare services within an institution (workplace nursery) certified by Ota City under the Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-Rearing
A certain number of spots are allocated for local children accepted by Ota City.


International House, Main Building, 1-1-18 Ishikawa-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Nearest station

10-minute walk from Ishikawadai Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line


0 (at least 57 days) to 2 years (as of April 1 of the fiscal year of entry)


12 children
Breakdown of spots allocated for fiscal year 2018

- Children of Tokyo Tech members: 5
- Children admitted by Ota City: 7

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 18:30 (until 19:30 for extended-hours care)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the end and beginning of the calendar year (from December 29 to January 3 of the following year).


Fees are determined by the applicant's local municipality.
Extra fees will be charged for extended-hours care between 18:30 to 19:30.

For more details, please visit the following website.

Diversity and Inclusion at Tokyo Tech

Diversity and Inclusion
Tokyo Tech commits to realizing cultural development and contribution to human welfare by creating an intellectually vibrant environment.

Diversity and Inclusion at Tokyo Tech