Reporting on Issues Concerning Information Ethics

Consultation is available for students who encounter problems online while studying at the Institute.

Acts of defamation or harassment on social media or via email constitute a breach of information ethics. If students experience, witness, or hear about such conduct, they are asked to consult the Information Ethics Committee using the contact information given below. Likewise, if students discover improper use of information assets at the Institute, they are asked to report the matter to the committee.


SNS (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LINE, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok*) are essential tools for facilitating self-actualization, and information posted on these sites is protected under the freedom of expression. However, keep in mind the following points.

  • SNS do not offer private space.
  • SNS should not be used for criticizing others.
  • SNS should not be used for making confessions.
  • Comments that are posted on SNS will be difficult to erase.
  • Information posted on SNS will eventually leak out.
  • Anonymous comments on SNS will most likely be tracked down.
  • There will be rogues posing as friendly people among SNS users.
  • Careless remarks may attract harsh criticisms.

Trademarked names of SNS.

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