Enrollment Procedure for IGP Students

Students newly admitted to the International Graduate Program (IGP) must submit all the required documents to complete the enrollment procedure.

Important dates and information

Please click herePDF for detailed information. (September 2020)

Required documents for the enrollment procedure

Please download the require documents of enrollment procedure form the following.

The enrollment procedure packet for successful applicants will be delivered to each applicant's laboratory. It will be sent in early September to students enrolling that month, in late January to master's students enrolling in April, and in early March to doctoral students enrolling in April.

When you arrive in Japan, please make sure to pick up the packet (include some documents you need to submit after coming to Japan) at your laboratory.

<In case of withdrawal> Please send the below form to the Student Division

Relevant links

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Special Measures Regarding Leave of Absence Granted for Students Remaining outside of Japan Due to COVID-19 (from the AY 2020 fall semester onwards)

Leave of absence due to COVID-19


Contact information

Enrollment Procedures in general

Graduate Group, Student Division, Student Services Department

Email oo.nyugaku.gu@jim.titech.ac.jp

Suzukakedai Student Group, Student Division, Student Services Department

Email suz.nyugaku.gu@jim.titech.ac.jp