Classes and Activities on Campus in AY2021 Spring Semester


Published: March 24, 2021

From: Tetsuya Mizumoto, Executive Vice President for Education

We have had an extremely difficult time during this academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting student life on campus as well as our everyday lives. I expect you have experienced difficulties that were not in line with your expectations. In some cases, you may have been able to take advantage of online classes and communication. However, we have also received some comments from students, especially from first-year students in the bachelor’s degree program, who say they do not really feel like college students, cannot make friends, cannot participate in extracurricular activities, and feel that online classes alone are just not good enough.

Coming to campuses to devote themselves to study and research activities based on their interests, socializing, discussing, and interacting with each other is extremely important for students in terms of developing themselves, and it also helps them build a network of friends and acquaintances. Therefore, in the AY2021 spring semester, while closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and thoroughly taking preventive measures against infection, we plan to increase the opportunities for students to study and engage in research activities on campus (see the following) as much as possible, while some classes are delivered online. We ask students to take preventive measures (see the reference below) as much as possible and, together with faculty and staff members, do their best to ensure a safe environment for everyone, and to create a lively student life on campus.

All faculty and staff members are looking forward to seeing you on campus, and I hope you all make an enthusiastic start to the coming academic year.

However, please understand that if the COVID-19 situation severely worsens, we will review our response again and, in some cases, we may have to limit the number of students allowed on campus.
(Reference: Cabinet Secretariat)
 COVID-19 Information and Resources (in Japanese only) (in Japanese only) (in Japanese only)

How we aim to secure opportunities for students to come to campuses

Note: We cannot guarantee that all measures will be implemented for all students. Please understand that we have limited human resources and facilities such as buildings and lecture rooms. Also, depending on the COVID-19 situation, classes and events may be delivered online, and there may be cases where the number of participants must be limited to avoid making lecture rooms crowded.

  • In 1Q and 2Q, classes will be conducted face-to-face as much as possible. However, please understand that many classes in 200-level courses and higher will be delivered online because of the shortage of lecture rooms due to the priority on face-to-face classes for newly enrolled first-year students in the bachelor’s degree program.
  • For graduate students and students in the bachelor’s degree program who are affiliated with laboratories, we will provide an uncrowded study environment. Laboratories for non-experimental research will also provide academic supervision for students on campus and lab members will engage in laboratory activities on campus.
  • Departments, if possible, will hold the first orientation session face-to-face for students who have just become affiliated with them. If a large number of students are affiliated with a department, the department will arrange students into groups that take turns coming to campus, enabling them to interact with each other and with the Chair of the department.
  • Face-to-face meetings with academic advisors will be held if students so request.

(Guidelines on Holding Classes)
The “Guidelines on Holding Classes in AY2021 Spring Semester (1Q and 2Q)” can be found via the following link. In establishing the guidelines, we considered how to optimize the use of lecture rooms and other places for classes while taking preventive measures against COVID-19, students’ commuting time, and other matters.

(On-campus activities)
In accordance with the changes in Tokyo Tech’s measures against COVID-19, the campus facilities listed below will reopen one by one. Check notification emails and websites, and make good use of those facilities.

・Tokyo Institute of Technology Library
・Taki Plaza
・Student life coaches
・Extracurricular Activities
  Details are stated on the Tokyo Tech Response to COVID-19.
・Tokyo Tech Alumni Association (in Japanese only)

(Services desks for counseling and inquiries)
Many services desks are available at Tokyo Tech, so do not hesitate to contact those that suit your needs.
 ・Counseling Services
 ・Service desk locations (Student Services offices)


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Update : March 26, 2021