Student life coaches

The role of Student Life Coaches is to make sure that Tokyo Tech students lead a fulfilling academic life by:

  • helping incoming students with questions or problems they have
  • introducing students to Tokyo Tech's unique education system and its special features
  • directing students to relevant departments or personnel for further help, etc.

We are here to encourage students to further develop the ability to think, act, and learn independently.

What can Student Life Coaches do for students?

Please consult us in the following situations:

"I need information about course registration and timetables."

"I want to do more than just study at Tokyo Tech. What activities are available?"

"I want to ask a Tokyo Tech graduate with relevant work experience for in-depth advice."

"I am reluctant to consult with faculty members or administrative staff and would prefer to talk with someone who can offer a different perspective."

"I don't know where to go for advice on personal/academic matters."

"I have spoken with the administrators, but I'm not happy with their replies and need further assistance."

"How do I prepare for an interview with my academic advisor?"

"What information should be included in my learning portfolio?"

"I want advice about which undergraduate major or laboratory I should choose. Should I consider studying abroad? How can I develop my career?"

"I have a problem with my study, but I don't want to ask a professor."

"I cannot define my future goals. How do I motivate myself?"

Who will meet with students at the consultation office?

Friendly staff members listen to students on their first visit to our office. A Student Life Coach will provide consultation when deemed necessary.

We have eight Students Life Coaches. Some are faculty members of the Student Support Center and others are Tokyo Tech alumni with relevant experience.

Consultation covers a wide range of topics about academic programs and options at Tokyo Tech, career development for future goals, etc.

For undergraduate students

Orientation sessions for newly enrolled undergraduate students

To be held in April.

Incoming students will learn about academic programs and campus resources and will be introduced to the learning environment at Tokyo Tech. We will also explain Tokyo Tech's unique system of education and its special features.

Details of the session will be given to students upon admission.

For graduate students

Orientation sessions for newly enrolled graduate students (mainly for students from other universities)

To be held for newly enrolled graduate students in April and September

Graduate students may have already adapted to the university environment. Our orientation sessions will help them further understand Tokyo Tech's education system and programs that will enable them to achieve academic goals more efficiently and successfully. The sessions are provided both in English and Japanese.

Orientation sessions for newly enrolled graduate students from mainly other universities(English) will be held on September 18 and 19, October 7, 2019.

Institute-wide events

Seminars and events

We organize open seminars and events on various topics, providing all students with opportunities for growth and development while enrolled at Tokyo Tech.

Details will be announced through the electronic bulletin board and mail news from the Student Division.

Future events organized by the Student Life Coach Office (Under preparation)