Application Flowchart

Thesis Presentation Session Application

* Please apply to the following e-mail address at least two weeks before the thesis presentation session.

A digital version of the prescribed form will be sent by reply to the e-mail address you provide.

Please see Thesis Presentation Session Application for details

Submit Thesis Presentation Session Application

* Please use the prescribed form (may be sent by post).

Thesis Presentation Session
Application for Academic Degree (Thesis review fee: 57,000 yen)

* Please apply within one week following the conclusion of your Thesis Presentation Session.

  • Written Application for Academic Degree … 1 copy
  • CD-R (complete text of thesis, thesis summary) … 1 disk
  • Thesis Presentation Session Conclusion Confirmation Notice … 1 copy
  • Thesis Summary (prescribed form, either A or B)

    One summary in Japanese (approx. 2,000 characters)
    and one summary in English (approx. 300 words)
    One summary in English (approx. 800 words)
  • Thesis Abstract
    (prescribed form written in about 300 Japanese characters or about 120 English words) … 1 copy
  • Curriculum Vitae (prescribed form) … 1 copy
  • List of Achievements (prescribed form) … 1 copy
  • If the thesis content includes something that is scheduled for publication,
    attach verification of scheduled publication … 1 copy
  • Self-Addressed Return Envelope (no stamps required size : N3 (120 mm × 235 mm) )  … 2 envelopes
Thesis Reviewers Decision (Faculty Meeting in the Reviewing Major)
Thesis Review and Verification of Academic Competence
Decision to Confer Degree (Faculty Meeting in the Reviewing Department)
Conferment of Academic Degree