Dissertation Doctorate

Application Flowchart

Application for Academic Degree (Thesis review fee: 57,000 yen)

※Be sure to consult with the faculty member in charge of the course and obtain his/her approval in advance. After receiving approval, send an email with the approval attached to the contact information below.

Depending on the course for which you wish to be examined, a preliminary examination may be conducted prior to degree application, so please consult with the faculty member of the course as soon as possible.

  • Written Application for Academic Degree … 1 copy
  • Complete text of thesis, thesis summary … 1 copy each in PDF format
  • Thesis Summary (prescribed form, either A or B)
    A) One summary in Japanese (approx. 2,000 characters) and one summary in English (approx. 300 words)
    B) One summary in English (approx. 800 words)
  • Thesis Abstract
    (prescribed form written in about 300 Japanese characters or about 120 English words) … 1 copy
  • List of Previous Publications and Related Papers … 1 copy
  • Curriculum Vitae (prescribed form) … 1 copy
  • List of Achievements (prescribed form) … 1 copy
  • If the thesis content includes something that is scheduled for publication, attach verification of scheduled publication … 1 copy
  • Receipt of payment of thesis review fee
Thesis Reviewers Decision (Faculty Meeting in the Reviewing Major)
Thesis Presentation Session
Thesis Review and Verification of Academic Competence
Decision to Confer Degree (Faculty Meeting in the Reviewing Department)
Conferment of Academic Degree


Before applying for an academic degree, be sure to consult with and obtain the approval of the faculty member in charge and the course of study in advance.
After receiving approval, please contact us at the address below with the following information attached to the approval e-mail. We will send you a form and instructions on how to submit your academic degree application.

・Faculty member in charge and course with consent:○○
・Date of birth:○○
・Short Personal History (start new line)
March 1980: Graduated Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (start new line)
March 1982: Completed Master's program, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (start new line)
April 1982: Joined ○○ Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., worked in Research and Development Division (start new line)
October 1993: Assigned to Optical and Electromagnetic Wave Laboratory, ABC Co., Ltd. (start new line)
October 1997 to present: Senior Research Engineer, ○○ Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., Research Institute (start new line)


Dissertation Doctorate

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