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Suematsu Fund

Suematsu Fund

The Suematsu Fund was established in 2014 when former President and Honorary Professor Yasuharu Suematsu won the Japan Prize, the funds from which he donated a part to Tokyo Tech.
This fund primarily supports young researchers in diverse fields to encourage research activities that foresee and track the development of scientific and technological systems not yet explored, and draw out hidden futures for the global society.

Honorary Professor Suematsu received the prize for research he conducted at Tokyo Tech on optical fiber communications — particularly for his pioneering work on dynamic single-mode lasers — which spurred the development of high-capacity, long-distance optical fiber communications and made a significant contribution to society.

He donated part of his prize money to Tokyo Tech to promote the research activities of young people who have insight into and study the development of unexplored scientific and technological systems in various fields. He hopes to help these young researchers bring “hidden futures” that only scientists can glimpse into the global society and make them indispensable to society. The Suematsu Fund was established to carry on that aspiration.

In 2017, we selected and supported seven young researchers working on innovative research. In 2018, the Suematsu Digital Technology Award was established to provide broad support for research on technologies such as computing, robotics and networking, as well as their practical applications. We also established the Suematsu Challenging Research Awards in 2019.

Inheriting Honorary Professor Suematsu's desire to support young researchers, we will do our best to grow the Suematsu Fund and contribute to the development of science in Japan. We ask for your kind support for the growth of the fund.

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Use of fund

Support for research on fundamentals and development of digital technology
Recognition of young researchers for the Suematsu Challenging Research Award

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  • All donors: You will receive an invitation to the Gathering of Gratitude event hosted by the president
  • Individuals who donate JPY 300,000 (or corporations that donate JPY 1 million) or more will also receive a certificate of appreciation and a brick engraved with his/her name will be installed on campus.
  • Individuals who donate JPY 5 million (or corporations that donate JPY 10 million) or more will also be nominated for the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.

Note: If you are considering making a large donation, or if you are a corporate donor, please contact the Public Engagement Division.

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Individual donations to this fund are tax-deductible under the Income Tax Act. Corporate donations are fully deductible as expenses under the Corporate Tax Act. For more information, please see the "Tax Benefits" page.

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