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President’s Spring 2020 greeting to new bachelor's program students

To all new bachelor's program students:

Due to concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, the Institute decided to suspend the traditional holding of the Tokyo Tech 2020 Spring Entrance Ceremony for bachelor's program students in the interest of health and safety.

Under these unprecedented circumstances, I would like to welcome warmly the 1,147 students joining Tokyo Tech today. In addition to our new 1st-year students, we have 34 transfer students from technical colleges joining the 2nd or 3rd year of the bachelor's program. We also welcome 68 students from overseas, some of whom are joining the Global Scientists and Engineers Program, or GSEP. I am sure all of you have been waiting eagerly for this day to come, and finally it is here. Congratulations to you all.

Let us also congratulate and thank the parents and families who have dedicated so much time and effort to your lives. Each and every one of these family members is also now a valued member of the Tokyo Tech community. A warm welcome to you all.

Our new students may be experiencing a wide range of emotions today. You may be wondering what kinds of academic challenges await you. Perhaps you are still unsure about what you want to study. Some of you may already know your goal, but you don't quite know where to begin. Rest assured. Tokyo Tech's dedicated faculty, staff, students are all here to support you. Our student-centered curriculum is designed to help you develop a personal vision while gaining knowledge and practical experience through our cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research. Soon after enrollment, you will join the Tokyo Tech Visionary Project, which will bring you together with fellow students, upperclassmen and -women, and experts in the liberal arts. Discussions with other Team Tokyo Tech members will broaden your perspectives and encourage you to formulate your own path for the future. The liberal arts will supplement your technical knowledge throughout your journey at Tokyo Tech, and beyond.

I also invite you to embrace the environment of diversity at the Institute. Later this year, Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza, a large international exchange hub, will open here on Ookayama Campus. This facility will not only provide you with additional services, event venues, and group workspaces, but will also encourage active participation across the Institute, including in the planning and operation of Taki Plaza itself. For Tokyo Tech students, there has never been a better time to be proactive and reap the rewards.

Proactivity, leadership, and the determination to pursue unbeaten paths have always been characteristics of Tokyo Tech members. The 139-year history of the Institute is rich with inspiring stories in which these human qualities shine through. Today, I would like to introduce one of these stories to you.

Many of you may know that absolute zero, the lowest limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, is -273.15 Celsius. In the early 20th century, this was not yet known, and various research groups around the world were trying to determine the exact value. Researchers Masao Kinoshita and Jiro Oishi from Tokyo Tech's Department of Physics decided to take on the challenge. Despite limited resources and the fact that they were latecomers, Kinoshita and Oishi established the global standard for absolute zero after years of hard work. Their determination resulted in a valuable contribution to the fundamentals of science. Whenever you seek inspiration, I encourage you to study the work of Kinoshita and Oishi, and the many other talents who joined Tokyo Tech before you.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to the Institute's seal, the swallow by the window. This seal symbolizes the Institute as a hub of technical innovation from which the windows of the world open up to its members. You are all now looking into this window, seeking knowledge, skills, and guidance. I am confident that we will provide these to you. Meanwhile, I ask you, as the newest members of Tokyo Tech, to be proactive, pursue your passions, and embrace the challenges that come your way.

Once again, congratulations, and welcome to the Tokyo Tech community.

April 2, 2020
Kazuya Masu
President, Tokyo Tech


Public Relations Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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