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2019 New Year's message

Kazuya Masu

Since my inauguration as president of Tokyo Tech nine months ago, I have been focusing on open, direct dialogue with the Institute's faculty, staff, and students to enhance further my understanding of the diverse views that make up our community. These conversations have reinforced my belief that each member of the Institute is an outstanding, active individual with plenty to offer Team Tokyo Tech in 2019 and beyond. I would like to thank you all for your tireless efforts.

The Institute's 2019 resolutions

The Institute's 2019 resolutions

We live in an era of relentlessly rapid change, and as a Designated National University, Tokyo Tech is eager to demonstrate its understanding of and ability to lead this change, and to contribute to solving some of the most pressing global issues. In line with this spirit, the Institute is implementing various new initiatives this year to support its students and researchers.

Those students who began their bachelor's degrees in 2016 — the year Tokyo Tech's education reforms kicked off — will enter their final year in 2019. This means they will be dedicating a significant part of their time to research under the new curriculum. I firmly believe this will allow students to grow as both researchers and individuals. Starting this year, bachelor-level students will also be able to take advantage of the new B2D program, a rapid-progress path to doctoral studies that provides motivated, research-oriented students with early access to frontline research. This program, combined with the active learning methods prevalent in Tokyo Tech's liberal arts courses, will take our research-based education to new heights.

While many Tokyo Tech researchers are pioneers in their fields, there is still a need for greater interdisciplinarity. At the Tokyo Tech Research Festival in late 2018, we brought together Tokyo Tech researchers, particularly emerging ones, who otherwise would likely not interact. The result has been very positive in terms of collaboration across disciplines. This, together with the establishment of the Laboratory for Design of Social Innovation in Global Networks (DLab) which unites the public with Tokyo Tech's expertise, promises exciting new developments for 2019.

The Institute's 2019 resolutions

In terms of collaborations with the business sector, I have strived to maintain the momentum that my predecessor initiated. As president of the Institute, I seek to engage potential collaborators in government and industry, and wholeheartedly introduce them to Tokyo Tech's research prowess. This has led to new initiatives on various fronts. For example, automobile and other companies have joined us in further developing our all-solid-state battery technology. I sense that there is more room for expansion.

Committing to a better future

The Tokyo Tech 2030 statement, formulated in 2016, expresses the identity and direction of the Institute as seen by its members. I recently put forth Tokyo Tech's three commitments — appreciating diversity, embracing collaborative challenges, and taking decisive action — which aim to help all Tokyo Tech members work towards the common goals highlighted in the 2030 statement. If we allow the positive effects of diversity to permeate the various layers of Tokyo Tech, and confront together even the toughest of challenges, then we will trailblaze new paths that lead us to a better future. In 2019, I encourage all faculty, staff, and students to examine how they can individually endorse these commitments.

An approachable partner for all

The selection of Tokyo Tech as a Designated National University has been a great source of pride for our alumni, and knowing that provides joy and inspiration to current Tokyo Tech members. The networks created by the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association and departmental associations are invaluable resources. The Institute looks to deepen its alumni relationships in 2019 so we can build together a Tokyo Tech that continues to make us all proud.

The Institute is a unique hub of knowledge, and we welcome all interested students and researchers to join us. We are constantly striving to create a supportive, open learning and research environment that caters to all our community members.

An approachable partner for all

We also extend this invitation to businesses and research institutions, and to members of the public. The open innovation platform at Tokyo Tech enables the joint pursuit of solutions to multidisciplinary challenges. We welcome discussions with companies regardless of size or location, and eagerly offer our academic expertise to citizens. In short, we aim to be an approachable partner for all those interested in exploring new possibilities with the Institute.

Finally, I would like to reach out to the guardians of current Tokyo Tech students. I ask for your ongoing support as we strive for excellence in educating the next generation of courageous, mindful, visionary creators of a better, more sustainable future.

Happy New Year 2019!


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Published: January 2019


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