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2019 Spring Entrance Ceremony for bachelor's program students

"Your Tokyo Tech journey begins now! Be courageous, take the initiative, and accept any challenge that comes your way."

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

It is my great pleasure to hold the Tokyo Tech 2019 Spring Entrance Ceremony for bachelor's program students in the presence of the Board of Directors, deans, directors, and special guests. We have gathered to celebrate the students joining us today. You have all worked hard to be here, and you should be proud. Let us congratulate your parents and families, who are also now lifelong members of the Tokyo Tech community, and express our gratitude for the time and effort they have dedicated to your life and academic success so far.

This spring, 1,131 students are entering bachelor's programs at Tokyo Tech. We have 35 transfer students from technical colleges, or kosen, joining the 2nd or 3rd year of the bachelor's program. We also welcome 60 students from overseas, some of whom are joining the Global Scientists and Engineers Program, or GSEP.

Congratulations to you all.*

Tokyo Tech has a 138-year history. Here, I would like to introduce one research achievement from the 1930's. Today, all of you have a smartphone or a mobile phone in your pockets. Your mobile phone and the base station communicate using precisely the same, stable frequency. A temperature-stable quartz crystal is used to produce an electronic oscillation in the equipment. Tokyo Tech Professor Issac Koga (Issaku Koga) discovered the cutting angle of quartz crystal with zero temperature coefficient of frequency in 1932. This quartz crystal technology is now used in all telecommunication systems. This mean you were already carrying a piece of Tokyo Tech technology in your pocket before you arrived here today.

In addition to outstanding research, Tokyo Tech has developed ambitious students who aim for real-world solutions in various fields of science and technology. Today, our broad, student-centered curriculum encourages every student to develop a personal vision while gaining knowledge and experience through our cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research. Last year, Tokyo Tech was selected as the only science and technology-focused institution to lead society into the future as a Designated National University. Only 6 out of 86 national universities in Japan carry this title. As Tokyo Tech boldly continues to take on new challenges, I also encourage all of you to challenge!

I spent many years as a researcher at Tokyo Tech and at other locations in Japan and overseas. When I took over as president in 2018, I suddenly had a bird's-eye-view of the Institute, and again recognized the excellence of all our students, faculty, and staff. Looking at all of you today, I wish I were a student again. Still, as the world — and science and technology — continue to change at a remarkable speed, some of you may be experiencing a sense of uncertainty. I assure you. There is no need for concern. You have already demonstrated exceptional capabilities to come this far, and the learning environment at the Institute provides you with the tools to begin creating your own unique Tokyo Tech story.

From the very first year of your studies, you will have access to the work of researchers who lead the world in their fields. You will also join the Tokyo Tech Visionary Project, which encourages you to formulate your own path through discussions with fellow students and experts in the liberal arts. And when you feel ready, you can explore the world through the numerous study abroad programs offered by the Institute. I urge you to be proactive, take action, and make full use of the resources and support that Tokyo Tech offers.

Lastly, I would like to draw your attention to the range of extracurricular activities available at the Institute. Whether it is working together to improve your programming skills, or promoting healthy living and wellness through sports, I invite you all to join one of these clubs. Or, if a suitable one does not exist, create your own.

Your Tokyo Tech journey begins now! Be courageous, take the initiative, and accept any challenge that comes your way. Once again congratulations to you all, and welcome to the Tokyo Tech community.

April 2, 2019
Kazuya Masu
President, Tokyo Tech


President Masu acknowledged the significant international presence at the ceremony by offering his congratulations in ten other languages in addition to English.


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