First-Year Undergraduate Education

Cultivating the spirit of learning and creating

The beginning is most important. The first year of the bachelor's program is extremely important for helping students grow and become successful in society and the world.
The goal of first year education at Tokyo Tech is for students to cultivate a spirit of learning and creating.

  • Learning

    By taking required basic science and liberal arts courses at Tokyo Tech, students are able to learn the common language of science and engineering fields.

  • Creating

    Creative experiences foster students' ability to innovate. Together with their knowledge and enterprising spirit, students become individuals who can make significant contributions to society.

  • Spirit

    We value the spirit to tackle global problems and strive for one's dreams. University is a place to cultivate such spirit.

Learning fundamental knowledge that expands your horizon

A foundation for studying science and engineering

Students acquire basic academic ability and expertise that are fundamental to becoming globally successful in the science and technology fields.

Aside from humanities, social science, and English, students are also required to take courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life sciences in the first year.

Additionally, students study specialized courses to better prepare themselves for their undergraduate major in the second year.

In terms of content and level of learning, students gain the fundamental science and engineering knowledge required of Tokyo Tech students.

To meet the needs of students, these required courses are also offered in English.

The key to success in society

English and the liberal arts are necessary for success in science and engineering fields. People in this field now fly around the world for work. Even while at university, students are required to read English texts, take courses taught in English, and deliver presentations at international conferences.

In short, English is a necessary tool. Also, having cultural background knowledge and knowledge outside of your expertise will enable you to communicate with other members of the global community in more depth.

Liberal arts, on the other hand, provide students with a valuable insight into what society demands and how their knowledge will be utilized.

The first step toward active research

The development of knowledge

How do we make use of the knowledge we acquire? At Tokyo Tech, students develop their knowledge through group work, discussions, and presentations. Through these active learning methods, students work with their peers to utilize their acquired knowledge, deepen their understanding, and foster their creativity.

Be sure to actively participate, examine, think, speak up, and work with your hands.

Spiral approach to learning: theory and experiments

Laboratory courses are the true appeal of science and engineering universities.

At Tokyo Tech, what is learned in class is immediately verified with experiments. You can learn for the first time the fun of working with your hands, discover why something is not working well, and feel the joy of getting exactly the result you predicted. You will also discover the importance of teamwork during experiments.

Conduct stimulating experiments that kindle your creativity.

Promote self-learning

Awakening students' sense of purpose and desire to learn

At Tokyo Tech, the hopes and expectations of new students are further expanded.

We provide courses that expose students to the depth and wonder of science and technology, as well as provide motivation to pursue study in a specialized field within science and engineering. For example, the Frontiers of Science and Technology Course lets you hear directly from leading Tokyo Tech researchers, Nobel Prize-level scientists, and industry experts with a creative edge, and experience lectures that feature creative discussions and live experiments.

These courses are held in the Tokyo Tech Lecture Theatre, established in 2015, which is designed like a roman theater with a stage at the lowest tier where lecturers give talks and perform experiments.

Why study science and technology?

Asking why you should learn science and technology and how you can utilize that knowledge is the first step to self-discovery.

The Tokyo Tech Visionary Project is the first of the Key Courses in liberal arts. This course encourages self-discovery and aims to motivate students to set individual goals so they can envision their own path throughout liberal arts studies at the undergraduate level.
The course alternates between lectures by energetic, influential lecturers, and work in groups of around 25.

Group work with students from different fields encourages new realizations through independent thinking, discovering problems, listening to the opinions of others, and communicating ideas. Enhance your communication and presentation skills, be independent, and cultivate the spirit of learning.


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