Tokyo Tech's Excellence in Liberal Arts and Career Development Education

Tokyo Tech puts a lot of effort into its liberal arts education and career development education. In order to contribute to the advancement of science and engineering that benefit society, not only is it necessary for students to determine what area of expertise they wish to pursue, but also to think about what they should live for while studying the broad field of liberal arts, and how they should live while developing career skills.

Liberal arts education and career development education that guide students throughout life have an important place in Tokyo Tech's traditional "wedge-shaped education," in which liberal arts education and specialized education are presented in an organically interrelated manner, allowing knowledge and ability to be acquired progressively.

Tokyo Tech's Excellence in Liberal Arts and Career Development Education Tokyo Tech's Excellence in Liberal Arts and Career Development Education

Liberal Arts Education

Tokyo Tech's liberal arts education courses are overflowing with originality. The Institute for Liberal Arts provides a selection of relevant and necessary courses for students at each degree level. In liberal arts education, students are encouraged to study independently for personal growth and to work with peers for mutual progress.
To excel in research, it is essential to have basic academic competence in various fields in addition to one's specialty. Studying humanities and social sciences will help you see how research is related to you, the people around you, and society, as well as to understand the role of science and engineering in the world. Furthermore, if you want valuable research to become known to the world, it is important to understand different cultures, not just those of the English-speaking world.
Diverse liberal arts courses are connected to "competencies that Tokyo Tech students must acquire."

Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Education

The Fundamentals of Science and Engineering

Basic education in science and engineering comprises mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life sciences. Fundamental knowledge in these areas is required for all specialized fields so students study them in the first year of the Bachelor's Program. Students may also take courses such as Earth and Space Sciences, Descriptive Geometry, Computing and Information Science, and Environmental Education. Furthermore, we have courses that motivate learning by exposing students to the wonders of science and technology. These include the "Monozukuri" course and the Frontiers of Science and Technology course.

Humanities and Social Sciences at Tokyo Tech

Humanities and Social Sciences Courses are designed to dynamically develop students' ability to question, feel, think, speak out, and take action, and extend across the degree programs -- from bachelor's to doctoral. Students will be encouraged to actively engage with peers during study, learn about the world, and explore their own possibilities.

Get to Know the World

In addition to English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Korean courses, we also provide courses for Ancient Greek and Latin. You can understand why Tokyo Tech provides such a wide variety of languages despite being a science and engineering university from the fact that over 1200 international students from all over the world study here. In order for Japan to continue leading the world in science and engineering, a cross-cultural understanding is necessary. Learn about the world through the study of languages.

For a Healthy Lifestyle

In Wellness Courses, students learn the fundamentals of how to lead a healthy lifestyle through lectures and sports activities. The benefits of sports for brain development and stress control have been scientifically proven and have been receiving a lot of attention.

Understand Japan

The Japanese Language and Culture Courses are for international students. A wide variety of courses that match the needs and the level of knowledge of international students are offered. For example, there are courses for improving your Japanese while studying Japanese culture.

Become a School Teacher

Have you ever felt, "I became interested in science through school classes"? Because you are good at science and technology, you can teach that joy. At Tokyo Tech, it is possible to acquire teacher's licenses to teach junior high school mathematics and science, and high school mathematics, science, information, and industry.

Career Development Education

Along with specialized education to acquire expertise and liberal arts education to learn what to live for, career development courses to learn how to live and the skills needed for this are also offered. Courses designed for Tokyo Tech students who are thinking about a career in science and engineering are available. A career development curriculum has been set up for students enrolled in the Master's, Doctoral, and Professional Master's Degree Programs.

For example, there are courses for thinking about your own career plan, internship courses, lectures given by a variety of professionals such as businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and NPO activists, and courses for education experience and for acquiring research and management experience at other institutes. The Innovator and Inventor Development Platform offers courses common to all students in science and engineering. Furthermore, courses that are closely related to specialized fields are offered in cooperation with the schools.

Master's Degree Program and Professional Master's Degree Program

There are courses available to prepare students to become successful science and engineering professionals in the real world. In these courses, students study methodologies to develop a basic sense of career awareness. They include content that is useful for students searching for jobs as well as for those continuing on to Doctoral Programs.

Doctoral Degree Program

Students who continue on to our Doctoral Program can choose from the following programs based on their career plan.

  • Academic Leader Program

    Aimed at those who wish to work in academia, students cultivate the skills needed to contribute to society. They investigate the nature of phenomena, master the deeper concepts of a field, and open up new fields of study and research, as well as foster new generations.

  • Productive Leader Program

    Aimed at those who wish to work in business enterprises, skills needed to apply science and technology to advance industry and society are cultivated. In addition, the abilities to contribute to society by accurately grasping the needs of society and taking the initiative to find solutions to these needs are developed.

Additionally, we plan to add courses related to personal development that are currently offered at Leading Graduate Schools to our curriculum. These are aimed at students who wish to become global leaders with a broad vision and creativity in all spheres of work.


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