Wedge-shaped Style Education

Scholarly research sparked by intellectual curiosity produced new technologies and industries, changed impossibilities into possibilities, and built the society we have today. Now, growing expectations are falling on scholarly research and education to resolve the myriad problems occurring globally. Tokyo Institute of Technology addresses these expectations by promoting research at the highest level in every field of science and engineering, and by training people with the creativity and spirit to pioneer the future of science and technology.

Presenting liberal arts education and specialized education in an organically interrelated manner, Tokyo Tech practices wedge-shaped education, which is designed to generate an upward spiral of knowledge and ability. This is Tokyo Tech's traditional educational method and has been extremely well received. First-year undergraduates typically focus on basic science and engineering courses, as well as liberal arts courses covering the humanities and social sciences, and language-related subjects, enabling them to acquire the fundamental academic knowledge and skills expected of science and engineering graduates. During this foundation-building first year, Tokyo Tech also offers a range of courses to raise students’ aspiration, motivation, and self-awareness for academic achievements. Students enroll in specialized courses to get a head start on advanced subjects immediately after matriculation. The number of courses taken in advanced subjects increases in subsequent years, but one feature of this educational method is that students continue taking liberal arts courses across humanities and social sciences even in the later years of study, including the career development courses for graduate students. In this way, students acquire advanced specialized knowledge in science and engineering while also deepening their understanding of the social significance of scholarship in science and engineering, allowing them to build character and cultivate broader values.

This wedge-shaped education includes practical learning based in manufacturing, which has been fundamental to Tokyo Tech since its founding, together with training that fosters creativity and greater internationalization. This framework integrates deep insight, a sense of ethics, solid specialized learning, and unfettered inventiveness and creativity with practical ability. Through this educational approach, Tokyo Tech develops individuals capable of driving advanced science and technology forward and building a prosperous international community.

Wedge-Shaped Education: A Tradition at Tokyo Institute of Technology


Public Relations Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology