Tutors for International Students

Tutoring System

Tutors will be designated by the Institute to offer international students assistance with their studies and research at Tokyo Tech as well as with adjusting to life in Japan.

1.ligible students

Newly enrolled international students at Tokyo Tech.


(1) Bachelor’s Program International Students: First eight months after admission, for April enrollment, this is from April to December (excluding August) and the total number of hours of instruction is limited to 80 hours.
(2) Graduate Program/Non-Degree Students: First three months after admission (excluding March) and the total number of hours of instruction is limited to 80 hours.
(3) Tutoring activities must begin after the student's arrival in Japan.

*International Student Tutors are not allowed to work from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

3.Activity Time

(1) If your tutoring exceeds six hours in a given day, please take a one-hour break some time during that period.
(2) Your activity time per week is limited within 20 hours. Activity as a Student Assistant(TA and RA) is also combined with other activity and counted within 20 hours per week.
(3) International Student Tutors are not allowed to work from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
(4)In principle, you do not have to tutor when taking a trip funded by the university.

4.Monetary Expression of Thanks for tutors

1,120 yen per hour*. *from October 1st, 2023

5.Qualifications and selection

・Tutors for international undergraduate students are generally appointed by the Institute. Assignment of international students as tutors will be considered based on their Japanese proficiency.
・Tutors for international research students or graduate students are appointed by the Institute based on academic supervisor recommendations.

Tutoring activities

Tutors need to discuss with their students about their various needs and provide necessary support with the following (activities such as drinking parties are not part of the tutor’s duties):

Everyday life:
- learning about Japanese culture and customs
- opening a bank account
- registering the student’s residential address, applying for National Health Insurance, and other affairs done at municipal offices
- finding accommodations
- visiting doctors, dentists, etc.

Academic life:
- becoming accustomed to campus facilities, including administrative offices, libraries, the Student Guidance Room, and the Health Support Center
- proofreading the student’s Japanese in written assignments
- registering for courses
- ensuring students follow laboratory rules, etc.

Important points for tutors to remember

1.Keep in regular contact with students

Please contact students as soon as you are given your assignment to introduce yourself and in case the student may already be in need of assistance. In addition, it is important for tutors to keep in touch with students regularly throughout the duration of their assignment.

2.Respect cultural diversity

Keep in mind the differences in culture and customs of international students including their religious beliefs, choice of food and clothing, etc., and try to understand their points of view.
Also remember that they may not be aware of or have difficulties in understanding unspoken rules known among Japanese students or in a laboratory, and as such tutors need to take the time to inform them about and thoroughly explain these rules from the beginning to minimize misunderstandings.

3.Give clear answers

It is not necessary to satisfy all student requests, but be sure to give clear, unambiguous answers. Academic supervisors or the Student Support Division will offer advice to tutors if they have difficulty making a judgement call. However, note that under no circumstances should tutors and students lend or borrow money from each other.

4.Set appropriate tutoring hours

We ask that you engage in tutoring activities within the fixed hours. Please coordinate your schedule with that of your international student.
Please put reasonable limits on the amount of support you provide for your international student. If not, it can become a burden to you and impede the independence of the student. As such, please also remember to maintain an appropriate distance.

5.Seek help with solving problems

You can consult with the Student Support Division or Student Guidance Room (or academic supervisors, if student(s) belong to a laboratory) or take other measures to solve problems that they face. They will receive support from academic supervisors if their student(s) belong to a laboratory.

6.Report students who have gone MIA

You must inform the Student Support Division immediately if they are unable to reach their students.


Tutors are asked to read the “Campus Guide for International Students” before starting their tutoring activities.

Administrative procedures

Tutors are required to submit the following documents for receiving monetary expression of thanks and other administrative purposes:

1.Bank Transfer Request Form

- Those who have previously submitted banking information must also submit this form if they have made any changes to their registration information (such as student ID no, address, etc.).
- Monetary expression of thanks for tutors must be registered under the category of “honorarium” (shakin). Those who have not registered their bank accounts under this category need to submit the Form.

2. Application for Exemption for Dependents

- Print the PDF form with landscape orientation (both sides of the page right-side up).
- The application must be submitted every year.
- Submission is not necessary if the application has been already submitted to an employer other than Tokyo Tech.

3.Activity reports and timetables

- Fill in activity reports and timetables.
- The forms can be downloaded from the internal website for student assistants (Japanese).


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