Campus Guide for International Students


Welcome to Tokyo Tech!!

This Campus Guide contains necessary information for while you will be studying at Tokyo Tech. As there are some systems and procedures that are specific to international students, we would appreciate that you refer to it when required.

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Student Support Division
Taki Plaza B1 Floor in Ookayama Campus
Tel 03-5734-3013、7648
Office hours: 8:30-17:15 Mon.-Fri.


Residence and Registration Procedures
 1.1 Residence Card
 1.2 Notification Procedures Involving Your Address
 1.3 Change in Information on the Residence Card Other Than Place of Residence
 1.4 Social Security and Tax Number (Individual Number)
 1.5 Leaving Japan
 1.6 Leave of Absence from the University
 1.7 Withdrawal / Removal from the University
 1.8 Extending Period of Stay
 1.9 Applying for Permission to Engage in Extra-status Activity
Visa Consulting Service
Joining the National Health Insurance System
Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students and Personal Liability Insurance for Students
 4.1 Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students (Gakkensai)
 4.2 Personal Liability Insurance for Students (Gakkenbai)
 4.3 Premiums
 4.4 Joining the Insurance
 4.5 Claiming Insurance
 4.6 Other(car Insurance)
Medical Checkup
 5.1 Annual Medical Checkup and Medical Certificate
 5.2 Special Medical Screenings
Counseling and Support System
 6.1 Student Guidance Room
 6.2 Health Consultation and Counseling Services at the Health Support Center
 6.3 Tutoring System
Applying for Certificates
 7.1 Academic Transcripts and Certificates of Enrollment for enrolled students
 7.2 Academic Transcripts and Completion Certificates for students having graduated or completed their studies
 7.3 Scholarship Certificates
Administrative Divisions in Charge of Student Affairs
 9.1 Dormitories exclusive for new international students
 9.2 Other dormitories
 9.3 The Tokyo Tech Affiliated Dormitory
 9.4 Tokyo International Exchange Center(TIEC)
 9.5 Company dormitories
 9.6 Private apartments and Share houses
 9.7 Rules for living in Japan
Commuter Passes and Student Discounts
 10.1 Degree Students (undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students)
 10.2 Non-Degree Students (Research Students, Japanese Intensive Course Students and International Exchange Students and International Visiting Students)
Inviting a family member to Japan
 11.1 Procedures for inviting a family member to Japan for a short-term visit (as a tourist)
 11.2 Procedures for inviting your family to reside with you
 11.3 Accommodation for you and your family
Use of the Libraries
Career Support
 13.1 Student Career Support Section
 13.2 Employment Support in the Departments
Bulletin Boards
Application for Privately Funded Scholarships
 15.1 Privately funded scholarships that you can apply for directly
 15.2 Privately funded scholarships that require a university recommendation
Useful information
 16.1 Foreign Language Medical Information Telephone Service
 16.2 Information Service for Foreign Residents
 16.3 General Information Center for Foreign Residents
 16.4 Traffic rules in Japan



152-8550 TP-002 B1 floor in Taki Plaza at Ookayama Campus
Campus Life Support Group, Student Support Division

Tel 03-5734-3013, 3015 , 7648  FAX 03-5734-3240