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  • What is the Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility?

    It's a screening procedure conducted by each department to assess the eligibility of individuals wishing to apply for a master's or doctoral degree program. Individuals who have not completed (or are not expected to complete) a bachelor's degree program or master's program may be deemed eligible to apply if they meet certain requirements. Holders of a bachelor's or master's degree (or expected holders) do not need to request the Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility. For details, please refer to the eligibility criteria set for each program.

  • Although I am expected to, I have not actually graduated or obtained a degree yet. Am I eligible to apply for IGP?

    If you graduate with a degree before the intended program starts, you will be eligible. Please submit an original certificate of expected graduation and degree.

  • I wish to apply for the master’s program (including “Integrated Doctoral Education Program”) under IGP. Am I required to go through the Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility?

    We advise you to read through the relevant application guide first. The Eligibility section in each guide explains who must go through the screening along with the eligibility conditions.
    The eligibility screening is not required for individuals who have successfully completed 16 years of education outside Japan and obtained a degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrollment date. Most applicants fall under this category.
    If you only fall under eligibility condition (3), (4) , or (5) in the application guide for IGP(A) (A(3), A(4), or A(5) in the application guide for IGP(C)), you must contact our Admissions Division before proceeding with the application as explained in the guide, stating the reasons why you have determined that you fall under the selected condition.

  • I am currently living in Japan. Am I eligible to apply for IGP(A)?

    Yes. However, you may be ineligible to apply for the MEXT scholarship. As requirements and conditions for the scholarship change each term, please ensure to check the application guide for your intended scholarship period.

  • I am a Japanese citizen. Am I eligible to apply for IGP?

    Japanese citizens who satisfy the eligibility criteria for each IGP and who hold a visa* that enables them to stay for a long period in the country where they currently lives, may apply for this program. Applicants who are Japanese citizens should consult the Admissions Division prior to application.
    * Permanent residence, student visa, work visa, etc. (Working holiday visas, tourist visas, short-term stay visas, etc. are not accepted when applying for this program.)

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