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International Graduate Program


Originating at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) in 2007, the International Graduate Program offers qualified international students, who may have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language, an opportunity to enroll in master’s programs, doctoral programs, and Integrated Doctoral Education Programs conducted entirely in English.

With a varied group of academic departments participating in IGP admissions, students should be able to find a department in which to further their research, acquire broader knowledge and understanding, and conduct advanced long-term research in a field that best matches their interests and background.

International Graduate Program (A)

Intended for those who seek

  • Overseas or domestic application
  • Integrated Doctoral Education Program (obtain both master's and doctoral degrees within 3-5 years)
  • Consideration for a Japanese government scholarship (MEXT)
  • Participation in a School-organized curricular program
  • Fall enrollment


Students' Voices

International Graduate Program (B)

(1) IGP(B) Tokyo Tech - Tsinghua

Intended for those who seek

  • Overseas application
  • Double degree (master's or doctoral) from Tokyo Tech and Tsinghua University
  • Nanotechnology Course, Bioscience and Biotechnology, or Decision Science and Technology Course
  • September enrollment

NOTE: Admissions to this program are limited to students already enrolled at Tsinghua university

(2) IGP(B)- Tokyo Tech -RIKEN

Intended for those who seek

  • Overseas or domestic application
  • Doctoral degree program in Nano-materials and Nano-biomaterials
  • Joint supervision by academic supervisors at Institute of Science Tokyo and RIKEN
  • Financial support for up to 3 years provided by RIKEN
  • Fall enrollment

Financial Support

RIKEN International Program Associate

Students' Voices

(3) IGP (B) – Early Application for applicants seeking for scholarships from their home governments

Intended for those who seek

  • Overseas or domestic application
  • Scholarship funding that is conditional on the applicant's admission to Tokyo Tech
  • Doctoral degree only
  • Fall enrollment

International Graduate Program (C)

Intended for all other applicants who seek

  • Spring or Fall enrollment
  • Master's, Doctoral, or Integrated Doctoral Education Program
  • Courses of study available in 18 departments


Students' Voices

Admissions Schedule

  • Application PeriodApplication Period
  • Examinations and/or InterviewsExaminations and/or Interviews
  • Admission ResultAdmission Result
  • EnrollmentEnrollment
IGP(A) ‐Theme Focused
IGP(B)‐Tokyo Tech -Tsinghua
IGP(B) Tokyo Tech - RIKEN
IGP(B) Early Application
IGP(C) Spring intake
IGP(C) Fall intake

Be sure to refer to the Application Guide for specific schedules.

Find Your Academic Supervisor

Prior to submitting the application materials to the Admissions Division, applicants must arrange for a Institute of Science Tokyo faculty member to serve as an academic supervisor. Applicants are required to communicate directly with their intended academic supervisor at Institute of Science Tokyo via email and provide a self-introductory statement and a letter of intent for their period of study at Institute of Science Tokyo, and obtain the consent of the desired faculty member to serve in this capacity.

Applications will not be considered without the consent of a Institute of Science Tokyo faculty member who will act as the applicant's academic supervisor.


Access your intended department website and confirm the potential academic supervisor's major and research fields.

Schools, Departments, and Institute for Liberal Artsouter

  • Step1:Department ListStep1:Department List
  • Step1:Department SiteStep1:Department Site
  • Step1:Faculty List on Department SiteStep1:Faculty List on Department Site
    Faculty List on
    Department Site

Check the Application Guide to confirm that the researcher is on the faculty list for your intended IGP program.


Use Institute of Science Tokyo's research database "STAR Search" to find faculty members’ contact and other information.

STAR Searchouter


Application and Admissions Procedures

1. Pre-application
3 months before the application period starts
  1. 1

    Confirm eligibility set by each program

  2. 2

    Select a program based on your research and future plans.

  3. 3

    Search your intended department's website for a Institute of Science Tokyo faculty member who could potentially be your academic supervisor. Make sure he/she is on the faculty list of your intended IGP program, then obtain his/her research information and contact details through STAR search, Institute of Science Tokyo's researcher database.

  4. 4

    Contact your intended academic supervisor and obtain his/her consent to accept you as a student.

2 months before the application period starts
  1. 5

    Prepare application documents. Download the designated format from the website for your intended IGP program, and prepare all required documents.

2. Application
5-6 weeks before the application deadline
  1. 6

    Email a copy of the consent email/letter to the Admissions Division to get a URL and Password required to access the online application system.

  2. 7

    Complete the submission of application documents. Fill out the online form and submit application documents.

3. Admissions
  1. 1

    Receive notification of the schedule for your interview and/or examination.

  2. 2

    Attend an interview and/or take the examination.

  3. 3

    Check the results.

Application, Enrollment and Tuition Fees

Application fee :

JPY    30,000

Enrollment fee :

JPY 282,000

Annual tuition :

JPY 635,400

Those fees are subject to change. Please check the latest Application Guide.