Prospective Students

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)

At a glance

  • When to apply
    Mid-January to mid-April

  • Applicable Program
    International Graduate Program (C)

  • Pursued Degree

  • Admission

  • Stipend
    JPY 147,000/month + annual book/thesis allowances

  • Period
    Within 2 years

ADB-JSP at a glance

General Prospectus

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides scholarships for master's students for one year, which may possibly be extended to the second year of study if appropriate, on the condition that the student maintains a satisfactory level of performance as determined by Institute of Science Tokyo. The maximum duration of the scholarship award is two years.

Voice of the graduates

Messages from students who have completed the program.

  • Jessica & Tran Thi Nhat Hong
  • Octareza & Yasser
  • Mellinda


Please check eligibility requirements for this scholarship on the ADB website. Two important conditions are that candidates must be nationals of ADB borrowing member countries (please check the ADB website), and that candidates need to have at least two years of full-time, professional work experience (after obtaining a university degree) at the time of application. Please note that volunteering or working as an intern are not considered full-time, professional work experience.
Please also check criteria for the selection of ADB-JSP scholarship recipients on the ADB website.
Please note that preference is given to applicants in more financial need (family and individual income of less than USD 50,000 and USD 25,000 per year, respectively).

Scholarship Period

For one year with a possible extension to the second year of study

Scholarship Benefits

Stipend: JPY 147,000/month
Annual allowances: a book allowance of JPY 100,000, a thesis allowance of JPY 50,000, and medical insurance
Education fees: application, enrollment and tution fees will be provided by ADB.
Travel expenses: Airfare to/from Japan will be provided by ADB.


Applicants must submit the required documents to the Admissions Division during the designated application period. Documents sent to the ADB-JSP coordinator or to the inquiry e-mail at the end of this document WILL NOT be reviewed.

Step 1. Eligibility

The most important step is to check eligibility requirements for this scholarship. This can be found on the ADB website.

Step 2. Academic Supervisor

As with general admittance to Institute of Science Tokyo, applicants for ADB-JSP must also first find an academic supervisor. Applicants need to directly contact their intended academic supervisor via email, provide a self-introductory statement and a letter of intent for their period of study at Institute of Science Tokyo, and obtain said supervisor’s consent to serve in this capacity. Applications will not be accepted without the consent of a Institute of Science Tokyo faculty member.

For further information on our faculty members, such as email addresses and other contact information, please refer to the Institute of Science Tokyo Star Search (Researchers’ Database). Some academic supervisors may require the submission of additional documents before the stated application deadline.

Step 3-1. Application Documents for IGP (C) and ADB-JSP

Those eligible for the scholarship and who have obtained the consent of an academic supervisor can apply for the International Graduate Program (C).

ADB-JSP application documents are available on the ADB website.

Applicants are required to check the “scholarship column” on the IGP(C) application form (Check List on the attached form), and prepare the ADB-JSP Information Sheet, Income Certificate, and a one-page research proposal in addition to the required IGP(C) application documents.
All completed application documents for both IGP(C) and ADB-JSP must reach the Admissions Division no later than the deadline. More details on how to submit the documents are given in the IGP (C) Application Guide.

Important Notice

Original documents written in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation certified by a public institution. Submission of income certificates is required of applicants who are working at the time of application as well as applicants living with a family member who is working.

Step 3-2. ADB-JSP Application Document Originals

Upon announcement of selection results, successful applicants (only) will be asked to submit original documents of income certificates for family members and themselves. Therefore, all applicants are asked to keep their income certificate(s) until then.

When arranging the necessary documents (i.e., employment and income certificates), the points below should be followed.
Certificates of employment issued by a company or an organization should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. 1. Include the company or organization’s letterhead/logo and the name and title of the authorized signatory.
  2. 2. Include the start and end dates of the period of employment (e.g., “January 2016 to December 2017”, “January 2016 to present”). If the present employment period is less than 2 years, the applicant must also submit a certificate of employment from their previous company or organization.
  3. 3. If the current status of the applicant’s family member is unemployed, retired or deceased, an authenticated supporting document must be submitted (e.g., issued by the local government).

The income certificate of an applicant or family member should show the monthly or annual amount. Please note that computer-generated proof of income without an authorized signatory is not acceptable.
If the income amount is expressed in local currency, fill out and submit the income conversion form designated by ADB, available here.

Applicants who are single must submit their parents’ certified annual or monthly income in addition to the applicant’s own certificate.

Applicants who are married must submit their spouse’s certified annual or monthly income in addition to the applicant’s own certificate.

Step 4. Selection Process

Admission will be decided based on the application, academic transcripts, related documents, and interviews (including online interviews). All applicants will be notified of admission results in mid-July.

Step 5. Results

Selection results of the scholarship need to be approved by the ADB after notification of admission results. Thus, notification of the scholarship award could be delayed. Applicants should keep in mind that, regardless of the department, their proposed research field and goals should be consistent with the mission and goals of the program (i.e., contribute to its development).


  • Scholarship items and amounts are subject to change without notice.
  • Institute of Science Tokyo no longer accepts scholarship applications for April intake.
  • Please DO NOT send any documents to the contact email shown below as they will not be considered nor acknowledged.