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The qualification and condition of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Graduate)

The qualification and condition of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2020


Applicants must have demonstrated excellent academic achievement with a grade point average of 2.30* (out of 3.00) or above in the last two academic years and meet certain criteria.

Note: Applicants for the doctoral program of International Graduate Program in Science for Innovative Leaders must have obtained a grade point average of 2.50 (out of 3.00) or above in the last academic year and meet certain criteria.

2. Nationality

Applicants must hold the citizenship of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. Applicants with Japanese nationality are not eligible unless they are dual nationals of Japan and another country and reside outside of Japan at the time of application. Dual national applicants selected for the scholarship will be required to give up their Japanese nationality by the date of their arrival in Japan.

3. Age

Applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1985.

4. Academic Background

Applicants must be a graduate from a Japanese university or have academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate. Refer to the eligibility mentioned in the application guidelines for International Graduate Program (A).

5. Field of Study

Applicants should apply for the field they studied at the previous university or its related field.

6. Language Proficiency

Applicants must be proficient in the English or Japanese language and meet one of the following conditions:
(1) Have obtained an English language proficiency test score that is equivalent to CEFR level B2 or higher or have passed N2 or N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
(2) Have been awarded or expect to be awarded by the time of Tokyo Tech enrolment an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution where all instruction was in English or Japanese
(3) Possess a level of proficiency in either English or Japanese equivalent to that stated in (1) and be able to provide supporting evidence

7. Health

Applicants must be physically and mentally able to pursue studies in Japan.

8. Arrival in Japan

Applicants must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan within two weeks before the date of the beginning of the third quarter in September 2020.

9. Visa

Before arriving in Japan, those selected to receive the MEXT Scholarship must acquire Student visas that are valid as of the date of the beginning of the third quarter in September 2020. Please also note that those who change their visa status to a status other than Student after arrival in Japan will lose their status as Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship recipients as of the date their visa status changes.

10. Ineligibility

Applicants who meet any of the following conditions are not eligible, and if identified after the start of the scholarship period, they will be required to withdraw from the scholarship.

(1) Those who are military personnel or military civilian employees at the time of their arrival in Japan or during the scholarship period

(2) Those who are not able to arrive in Japan during the period designated by the Japanese Government (MEXT) and Tokyo Tech

(3) Those who previously received a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship. This condition does not apply to: those who have educational or work experience for more than three years between the following month of the conclusion of the previous scholarship and the month of the first disbursement of this scholarship; past grantees of Japanese Studies Students Program, Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Departments, and the Young Leaders’ Program
Note: Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students is not included in Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships.

(4) Those who apply for this scholarship through other universities or apply for other scholarships from MEXT that overlap with this scholarship

(5) Those who are already, or going to be, enrolled in a university or institution in Japan with a visa status of Student as a privately-financed international student before the scholarship period starts. This condition does not apply to those who are going to complete their study, return to their home country, and newly acquire a Student visa before the scholarship period starts

(6) Those who are intending to receive a scholarship from an institution other than MEXT (e.g., JASSO or government of their home country) that overlaps with this scholarship

(7) Those who do not meet the academic background qualifications by the date required by their program

(8) Those who hold dual nationality of Japan and another country at the time of application and cannot verify that they have given up Japanese nationality by the date of their arrival in Japan

(9) Those who are expecting to conduct long-term research activities outside Japan or take an extended leave of absence

(10) Those who have already obtained a doctoral degree and do not plan to pursue a degree

11. Community engagement

Applicants for the scholarship should be willing to promote mutual understanding by participating in community events held in Japan.
After returning to their home country, former recipients are expected to maintain close contact with Tokyo Tech, cooperate in surveys, participate in events conducted by local Japanese diplomatic missions, and endeavor to support relations between their home country and Japan.