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Women in Science & Technology Fund

Women in Science & Technology Fund

Although the scientific and mathematical literacy of girls in Japan is higher than in other countries, few girls reportedly go on to pursue careers in science and engineering. The number of female researchers is particularly low in these two fields, which account for the majority of research jobs (see "White Paper on Gender Equality 2019," Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office). We established the Women in Science & Technology Fund because we are determined to enhance career education for female students wishing to enter Tokyo Tech, create a comfortable working environment for female researchers, and strengthen our support for the success of women.

It has been widely recognized in recent years that incorporating diverse perspectives is essential to the advancement of science and technology. Understanding and developing the values and ideas of others is what leads to innovation. Tokyo Tech is determined to nurture students from diverse backgrounds because they will become research leaders with diverse perspectives.

While we have seen many results from these efforts, the ratio of female students and researchers — a key element of diversity — remains below our expected level. The ratio of female students at Tokyo Tech has been stuck at the mid-10% range for the past several years. The ratio of female researchers, who serve as key role models to female students, has also not significantly increased. It now sits at 14.1%.

The Women in Science & Technology Fund is meant to support female students and researchers even more powerfully than before. The fund's uses include planning and holding events to convey the joys of science and engineering and the attractiveness of Tokyo Tech to female high school students; improving our institutional systems and facilities to increase the number of female researchers and reduce their turnover rate; and enhancing support in childcare and nursing care for Tokyo Tech people of all nationalities.

~ Tokyo Tech Takes the Initiative on Advancing Science and Technology through Diversity ~

We hope you will endorse this challenge and lend your support and cooperation to the Women in Science & Technology Fund.

Fund Overview

Use of fund

Support for communications targeting female high school students and their parents
Environmental improvements for female students and researchers (break rooms, networking, etc.)
Support for career continuity despite childbirth, childcare, etc. (employment of research support personnel, etc.)
Support for female students and researchers through research grants, awards, etc.
Promotion of gender equality and diversity

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Use of fund-2

Donation method

Credit card


If you would prefer to make payment by bank transfer, please contact us with the inquiry form below.

As a token of appreciation

  • All donors will receive an invitation to the Gathering of Gratitude event hosted by the president.
  • Individuals who donate JPY 300,000 (or corporations that donate JPY 1 million) or more will also receive a certificate of appreciation and a brick engraved with his/her name will be installed on campus.
  • Individuals who donate JPY 5 million (or corporations that donate JPY 10 million) or more will also be nominated for the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.

Note: If you are considering making a large donation, or if you are a corporate donor, please contact the Public Engagement Division.

Tax benefits

Individual donations to this fund are tax-deductible under the Income Tax Act. Corporate donations are fully deductible as expenses under the Corporate Tax Act. For more information, please see the “Tax Benefits” page.

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Areas of Support

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