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Security Export Control

Major countries, including Japan, have constructed an international security export control framework to strictly control the movement of arms, items and technologies that could potentially be diverted to military use by terrorists and countries that threaten world peace. In Japan, it is recognized that effective security export control is necessary for academic research institutions, which are engaged in advanced research and development.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (hereafter the "Foreign Exchange Act") provides on its website information about matters and procedures by which academic research institutions should abide. The METI-affiliated Center for Information on Security Trade Control (CISTEC) also holds briefing sessions and provides related information.

This website provides practical procedures, all of which are based on information published by METI, required of Tokyo Institute of Technology faculty when sending items or providing technologies overseas. The purpose is to supply faculty and staff members with reference information on security export control as it relates to day-to-day activities in research and education, though the website does not necessarily cover all information on the security export control system in Japan.

To obtain a complete understanding of the legislation, please refer to the information disclosed by the Security Export Control Policy Division under METI's Trade Control Department or CISTEC.

Types of activities for which verifications of export control procedures are required

Security export control procedures may be necessary in case of the following forms of education and research activities. For details, please refer to Tokyo Tech's Security Export Control website.

  • Shipment of items abroad; carrying items when traveling overseas (including study abroad)
  • Hosting students, scholars or visitors from abroad
  • Overseas transfer of data that includes technological information (such as hand-carrying USB flash drives, sending emails, etc.)
  • Presentations at international academic conferences, etc.
  • Provision of technology for joint research with foreign researchers or research institutes

Tokyo Institute of Technology's Security Export Control Regulations

By establishing a basic policy for security export control and by constructing and maintaining an appropriate management system for the implementation of export control procedures, Tokyo Tech aims to fulfill its international responsibilities as a national education and research institution of Japan in view of maintaining international peace and security. Tokyo Tech established its security export control regulations on April 2, 2010.


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