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Research Integrity

"Research integrity" means the trustworthiness and fairness of research which is now required to protect against the risks associated with the internationalization and openness of research.
We have sought to create an internationally reliable research environment by establishing the "Research Integrity Management System" and implementing risk management properly.

Research Integrity Management System

We have established the Research Integrity Management System based on our internal "Regulations for Ensuring Research Integrity at Tokyo Institute of Technology" enacted on February 3, 2023.

Research Integrity Management System at Tokyo Tech

Research Integrity Management System at Tokyo Tech

The Head of Research Integrity Management and the Expert Committee on Research Integrity Management are in charge of promoting generation of consensus, establishing related rules and regulations, conducting internal audit, providing education and training, formulating response policies, and facilitating other related activities. Also, relevant groups, such as voluntary groups sharing common research areas, organize Subcommittees which provide feedback and propose measures to the Expert Committee while dealing with specific cases and accumulating case examples. Moreover, our policy to strengthen risk management has led to the establishment of a Consultation Counter which collects necessary information and deals with new risks in cooperation with relevant groups in charge of existing risk management operations.

Education and Training

We are conducting training on new risks and assumed cases to further improve the effectiveness of risk management as an organization, along with training aimed at raising the awareness of researchers. In the future, we will also strive to foster a deep awareness of research integrity while utilizing materials provided by domestic and overseas institutions.


We have established a basic policy for research integrity management, and enacted the Regulations for Ensuring Research Integrity at Tokyo Institute of Technology on February 3, 2023 to ensure the openness and transparency of research by establishing appropriate management systems.


Consultation Counter:
International Engagement Division, Planning and International Affairs Department

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