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Computer Science

Computer Science
Graduate Major

Creating systems to support
an advanced information-oriented society

Information systems are indispensable in a highly developed information society. Diversification and optimization of processing modes as well as enhanced reliability of these information systems are always being demanded. The Computer Science graduate major covers research and education in the key areas that are necessary to develop high performance information systems that meet these requirements.


Pioneers in the development
of the information society

In the Master's and Doctoral Programs, we cultivate individuals who have broad expertise in advanced theories and technologies relating to information infrastructure, information systems, and information services that are indispensable to modern society. Our students will become individuals who use this knowledge to contribute to the world by not only presenting solutions to problems that have given due consideration to the impact they will have on people and society, but also by developing and implementing these solutions.

Ideal Candidates

Master's Degree Program

  • Those who have an interest in broad areas of science and engineering, can study actively on their own, and can persistently and flexibly tackle new problems
  • Those with the awareness to adequately model intelligent behavior and connect this to real problem solving
  • Those with strong aspirations to contribute to the development of society through the creation of higher performance and easier to use computer systems

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those who take on the challenge to solve new research problems concerning computer systems with a broad perspective and logical reasoning skills
  • Those who can devise and implement new models without being constrained by conventional knowledge to solve various problems

Competencies Developed

Master's Degree Program

  • Deep expertise in cutting-edge hardware and software necessary for information infrastructure, information systems, and information services as well as logical reasoning skills
  • Extensive education and ethical values for building systems useful to society with a firm understanding of what is required by people and society
  • Ability to grasp the essence of problems and solve these with a flexible mindset based on expertise
  • Communication and leadership skills for making international contributions

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Ability to pioneer new fields of learning based on broad, deep expertise in information infrastructure, information systems, and information services
  • Ability to discover new problems
  • Ability to objectively evaluate the situation in one's own field of expertise from both a technical perspective as well as a broad social perspective
  • Strong leadership skills necessary to successfully conduct international joint research and development

Potential Career Paths

  • Researcher at a university or research facility
  • Research departments of various global companies and venture companies whose business areas include computer science

Potential Employers for Graduates

Icom Systech / Accenture / Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) / NJK / NTT Laboratories / NTT Communications / NTT Data / NTT Data Aurora / Alt Plus / Oro / Science Information Systems / Canon / Carrot Software / Cookpad / Google / GREE / Koei Tecmo Holdings / Komatsu / Colopl / Cygames / CyberAgent / Cybozu / JR TOKAI Information Systems / JustSystems / Simplex Consulting / NS Solutions / Spread one / Sony / Sony Computer Entertainment / So-net Entertainment / Daiwa Institute of Research / DeNA / TDC Software Engineering / TerraSky / Toshiba / Toyohashi University of Technology / Drecom / Dwango / Nanyang Technological University / West Nippon Expressway / Nihon System Kaihatsu / NEC / Nihon Unisys / Nintendo / NEXT / Nomura Research Institute / Baidu HAL Laboratory / Bank of Innovation / BANDAI NAMCO Studios / beBit / East Japan Railway (JR East) / Hitachi / Hitachi Solutions / Fujitsu / Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory / Primagest / Beijing University of Chemical Technology / Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology / Honda Motor / Marvelous AQL / Microsoft Development (MSD) / Mynet / Mixi / Mitsubishi Electric / Mitsubishi Electric Engineering / Yahoo / USE / Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC / UNIT9 / Rakuten / LAND HO! / Ricoh / Recruit Holdings / Works Applications

Degree Offered

Master's Degree Program
Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Arts
Doctoral Degree Program
Doctor of Science, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy

Department with Graduate Major in Computer Science

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