Prospective Students


Graduate Major

Investigating the natural world —
from elementary particles to matter and outer space

In the natural world, there are countless mysterious phenomena that are still not completely understood, including familiar objects, microscopic objects at an elementary particle/atomic level, and large-scale objects related to outer space. In the Graduate Major, we conduct world-leading research with the goals of (1) discovering the fundamental principles and laws hidden in these phenomena, (2) deepening our understanding of the natural world, and (3) developing basic knowledge and technology that will contribute to society.


Developing international leaders
in physics

In the Master's Program, we foster individuals who have the ability to resolve a wide range of issues in the natural world and society based on knowledge of physics, and who are able to succeed in a global society.
In the Doctoral Program, we foster individuals who have a physics education and advanced specialized knowledge, and who are capable of pursuing original research as international leaders.

Ideal Candidates

Master's Degree Program

  • Those who are inquisitive about the underlying principles of physics
  • Those who are able to acquire the fundamental concepts and ways of thinking in physics, as well as the ability to apply them
  • Those who can contemplate logically and concentrate on tackling problems
  • Those with the basic language skills necessary for specialized education
  • Those who are motivated to investigate the natural sciences and contribute to the development of science and technology

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those with the academic abilities, practical problem-solving skills, and creativity necessary for pursuing physics research
  • Those who have the language and discussion skills necessary for pursuing international research activities

Competencies Developed

Master's Degree Program

  • A wide range of specialized academic ability required for a multi-faceted understanding of physical phenomena
  • Practical problem-solving skills based on solid academic ability
  • Ability to seek fundamental laws and principles that exist in physical phenomena
  • Language and discussion skills necessary for international research
  • Ability to conduct creative research from an ethical perspective

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Deep understanding of physics that can be acquired through investigating the fundamental laws and principles that exist in physical phenomena
  • Ability to determine the nature and universality of physical phenomena and to pursue new problems and their solutions
  • Ability to create new perceptions based on specialized knowledge of physics and to disseminate them
  • Skills to push forward the frontiers of physics with advanced knowledge and a strong ethical compass
  • Ability to organically connect findings in physics with those of other areas and apply them
  • Ability to exercise global leadership in a specialized field

Potential Career Paths

  • Researchers and teaching staff in various fields where physics education can be utilized, such as research and development fields for public institutes, universities, laboratories, companies, etc.

Potential Employers for Graduates

IBM / Fujitsu / Panasonic / Ushio / Cisco Systems / Olympus / Daikin Industries / Fujifilm / Keyence / Canon / Nikon / Toyota / Mitsubishi Electric / Toshiba / Hitachi / Sony / Honda / Mazda / Bridgestone / Komatsu / Terumo / Fujikin / Yokowo / MegaChips / NTT Data / NTT Communications / Microsoft / NTT Laboratories / Nomura Research Institute / Itochu Techno-Solutions / Hitachi Power Solutions / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ / Nomura Securities / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / Public servant

Degree Offered

Master's Degree Program
Master of Science, Master of Arts
Doctoral Degree Program
Doctor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy

Department with Graduate Major in Physics