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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Major

Enrich the future through innovative
"monozukuri" research and development

Of the many fields of engineering, mechanical engineering in particular is directly connected with society. Through innovative "monozukuri" — the Japanese way of making products — we aim to enrich the future of humanity by removing difficulties that exist in the world and provide greater comfort. In order to realize such ideas, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a broad and systematic educational curriculum and an advanced research and development environment to produce scientists and engineers with diverse abilities.


Striving to create innovative mechanical systems
that enrich society

The Master's Program fosters individuals who have the creativity to solve problems from a social perspective using their systematic knowledge that consists of basic principles of mechanical engineering. It also cultivates those who contribute to the advancement of science and technology to resolve social problems.

The Doctoral Program fosters individuals who can promote innovative advanced research in mechanical engineering based on their systematic specialized knowledge of this field as well as their broad knowledge of related academic fields. It also develops individuals with leadership skills and practical abilities to propose and solve research problems with an international perspective that will resolve social issues, and cultivates those who can create new values and contribute their research achievements back to society.

Ideal Candidates

Master's Degree Program

  • Those who are motivated to contribute to society through their expertise in mechanical engineering
  • Those who have fundamental knowledge of engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering and based on this can think and express ideas logically
  • Those who have rich and extensive knowledge and can flexibly grasp ideas from various viewpoints
  • Those who have the language and writing skills necessary for conducting engineering research and technology development in a global arena
  • Those who have an interest in the unexplored areas of research of mechanical engineering and the drive to tackle this research

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those who have high-level advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as an understanding of the many complex engineering issues necessary to identify the various aspects of problems, and use this knowledge to find practical solutions to problems
  • Those who can incorporate new ideas and findings to their specialized knowledge of mechanical engineering and put this to use
  • Those who have the fundamental communication skills necessary to be globally successful
  • Those who have a strong desire to take the lead to push back the frontiers of mechanical engineering
  • Those who have the drive to exhibit leadership in the development of a global community while maintaining high ethical values

Competencies Developed

Master's Degree Program

  • Ability to recognize and understand the nature of a problem
  • Problem-solving skills using knowledge and techniques from mechanical engineering as well as other fields of engineering
  • Ability to pursue cutting-edge science and technology
  • Ability to do research and development with an international perspective
  • Ability to write documents with logical explanations and logically developed arguments
  • Ability to engage in research and development with strong ethical values

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Ability to exercise international leadership
  • Ability to make and publish new findings based on broad and deep systematic knowledge
  • Ability to recognize the underlying nature and universality of a problem, and uncover and pursue new problems
  • Ability to push back the frontiers of knowledge with deep insight and strong ethical values
  • Ability to fuse knowledge in the fields of engineering, humanities, and social sciences together and use it skillfully

Potential Career Paths

  • Education and research institutes in Japan and overseas
  • Companies in the manufacturing industry, service industry, etc.
  • Governmental offices

Potential Employers for Graduates

IHI / Asahi Glass / The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / NEC / NTT Communications / Ebara / National Maritime Research Institute / Kawasaki Heavy Industries / Canon / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Sharp / Sony / Denso / Tokyo Institute of Technology / University of Tokyo / Toshiba / Toyota Motor / Nissan Motor / NSK / Panasonic / East Japan Railway Company / Hitachi / FANUC / Fuji Xerox / Fujitsu / Bridgestone / Honda Motor / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Mitsubishi Electric / Yamaha Motor

Degree Offered

Master's Degree Program
Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Arts
Doctoral Degree Program
Doctor of Science, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy

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