Globalization at Tokyo Tech

Embracing Globalization at Tokyo Tech

Toward a University that People from Abroad Gather at

Toward a University that People from Abroad Gather at

Globalization is a key element to successfully becoming one of the world's top 10 universities for science and technology. To achieve this, it is necessary to foster exchanges with foreign universities, researchers and students.

Currently, 1,200 of the University's 10,000 students are from overseas. This is a fairly large number for a Japanese university, but still not many when compared with Europe and the United States. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) aims to become a university where many people from around the world - students as well as researchers and professors - can come together.

For that reason, Tokyo Tech believes that it is necessary to make the campus more international. There are a number of measures that need to be taken to realize this, including switching to English for lectures, providing all University materials in English and establishing an international living environment.

Creating a University that Encourages People to Go Overseas

Creating a University that Encourages People to Go Overseas

Tokyo Tech also wants its students to study abroad. Our hope is for each undergraduate to spend at least three months studying in another country once. I also experienced overseas education during my student days. Once you go overseas and get an insight into the different level of education as well as culture, your philosophy on and approach to research will change. The way you see things will change too.

That is why I would like everyone to learn English, go overseas and become a better person. That is my strong desire.

Bolstering the International Exchange Program

Tokyo Tech already has a number of international exchange programs up and running. They are all long-standing programs with established reputations, including the International Graduate Program, joint programs with Tsinghua University and TAIST (Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

Going forward, Tokyo Tech will continue working on various programs to promote globalization.