Prospective Students

Adult Education


Lifelong learning is the key to maintaining relevant knowledge and skills. In this era of rapidly expanding information and changing technology, working individuals must periodically update their knowledge and skills to remain successful.


Tokyo Institute of Technology has implemented various initiatives in order to adapt to changing times and has transformed itself from a traditional university into an educational institution that provides opportunities for learning at various stages in life.

Please contact an academic supervisor in your department of interest for more information as program details vary by department.

A list of departments can be found here: Briefing Sessions for Graduate Students

Admission Periods

April and September


Applicants must satisfy the following conditions at the time of enrollment:

  • Have been a full-time employee with the same employer for the minimum number of years specified by the department
  • Hold a master's degree OR a bachelor's degree followed by at least two years of research experience (preliminary screening will be conducted for applicants without a master's degree)

For more details, please refer to the application guide.
Your employer must consent to your enrollment in the program as you will maintain your employment status.
Please contact an academic supervisor in your department of interest to discuss your research project before applying.

Additional documents must be submitted if preliminary screening is required. Please refer to the application guide for details.