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Peripatos Open Gallery 2016

Peripatos Open Gallery 2016

The Peripatos Open Gallery, inaugurated in March 2013 at the Suzukakedai Campus, has two exhibition areas: an indoor area for paintings and an outdoor area for sculptures. All works are creations by students and graduates of Joshibi University of Art and Design, which works together with Tokyo Tech to extend the academic reach of both institutions.

Paintings displayed in the J2 and J3 Buildings and Suzukakedai Library have now been replaced with this year's new creations, which will be exhibited until April 28, 2017. The Peripatos Open Gallery offers relaxation and peace of mind, inducing students, staff, and visitors to return to see future exhibitions.

Paintings in Peripatos Open Gallery 2016

This year's Peripatos Open Gallery includes 13 new paintings.

Artworks in J2 and J3 Buildings


  • Nanami Yoshida
  • 2015.9.24
  • Color on Japanese paper, 970 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Like people meeting by chance in the right place at the right time, I focused on a moment when everyday coincidences overlap.


  • Momoka Gobe
  • Entropy
  • Color on Japanese paper, 650 mm x 1,000 mm
  • This painting depicts blooming morning glory crawling up a fence. I have always appreciated the tenacity of plants. To them, human-made obstacles like fences mean nothing.

Summer grass, autumn breeze

  • Hitomi Oya
  • Summer grass, autumn breeze
  • Color on Japanese paper, 1,000 mm x 1,610 mm
  • I found the ivy intricately intertwining with bamboo and other trees intriguing, and through this attempted to express summer changing to fall.

Horizon meets Sky

  • Miki Kubo
  • Horizon meets Sky
  • Oil on canvas, 800 mm x 1,000 mm
  • From atop a hill, the sea and mountains on the horizon appeared as a mirror image on the streets below. I hope the painting brings back memories of a landscape that brought you peace of mind.
  • That dream

    • Hitomi Imae
    • That dream
    • Lithograph, 800 mm x 665 mm
    • This piece is based on "silent memories" which I recall from my childhood, as both of my parents are deaf. I hope people can immerse themselves in their own memories while viewing this painting.
  • Living each day

    • Risa Shimizu
    • Living each day
    • Paper, 760 mm x 550 mm
    • From the first day to the last day of summer, we hear the cicada's cry. So piercing is the cry that it remains with us throughout the year, until it starts again the following summer.
  • Cloths will play

    • Yume Mikami
    • Cloths will play
    • Oil on canvas, 910 mm x 730 mm
    • Two cloths and a wall.
      Flowing water.
      I hope you too can feel the mysterious silence.

Great spirit

  • Mizuki Hashimoto
  • Great spirit
  • Color on Japanese paper, 895 mm x 1,455 mm
  • Just at that moment, as the sun illuminated the clouds, a magnificent bird spread its wings across the entire sky and hovered.

Floating and Disappearing

  • Itsuka Nakayama
  • Floating and Disappearing
  • Color on Japanese paper, 1,120 mm x 1,620 mm
  • The death of a jellyfish is obscure, transient. A jellyfish has no brain telling it that it wants to live. When I look at a jellyfish, I feel it will tell me all about life and death.

Mother and child

  • Akiko Kudo
  • Mother and child
  • Oil on canvas, 1310 mm x 910 mm
  • This painting portrays the relationship between "Mother and child," which refers not to the girl and the cat in her arms, but to the girl — my cousin — and the person in the direction of her gaze pressing the shutter button on the camera — her mother.

Damsel and chocolate

  • Sakurako Abe
  • Damsel and chocolate
  • Oil on canvas, 1170 mm x 910 mm
  • This is a painting of a girl and her daily routine. I hope viewers enjoy freely imagining her name, feelings, and the story behind the situation.

Artworks on 1st and 2nd floors of Suzukakedai Library

waterfall II

  • Rumi Takano
  • waterfall II
  • Oil on canvas, 1120 mm x 1540 mm
  • I enjoy trying to capture memories of landscapes that I have seen in the past. This time I focused on a waterfall.

All huddled up

  • Wakana Kodama
  • All huddled up
  • Color on Japanese paper, 727 mm x 1000 mm
  • I painted the lotus plants in Ueno Park's Shinobazu Pond. I hope the painting captures the beautiful yet mysterious atmosphere these plants create when in abundance.

Artworks at entrance of G2 Building

Kiss to twinkle

Another painting, Kiss to twinkle by Mitsuki Watanabe, has been on display at the entrance of the G2 Building since 2014.

  • Mitsuki Watanabe
  • Kiss to twinkle
  • Color on Japanese paper, 1,455 mm x 1,120 mm

Artworks outdoors around campus

Sculptures spread across Suzukakedai Campus

Sculptures spread across Suzukakedai Campus

The naming of the gallery

The name of the Gallery comes from the campus improvement plan, Peripatos no Kento 21, which aims to establish the Suzukakedai Campus as a world-class research center. Peripatos, referencing the colonnades, or peripatoi, in the Lyceum where Aristotle and his students met, became the name of Aristotle's school of philosophy, and his followers were known as peripatetics. "Peripatetic" also refers to wandering or walking about. It is said that Aristotle lectured while walking, and thus Aristotle's school is often referred to as the Peripatetic school.

Peripatos Open Gallery

  • Peripatos Open Gallery
  • Indoor display: Connecting corridor between J2 and J3 Buildings, 3 Floor
  • Open: Weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
  • Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and other days designated by Tokyo Tech
  • Outdoor display: Suzukakedai Campus grounds
  • As of May 2016


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