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Japanese Research Students

Japanese Research Students

The research student program allows individuals to carry out guided research in a specific subject at Tokyo Institute of Technology (the "Institute"). This program is for students who wish to advance their studies by continuing their own research or engaging in other such activities after completing their graduate degree program at the Institute.

There are similar programs, such as funded research, at the Institute. However, the major difference with this program is that individuals come voluntarily to receive education to carry out their own research, as opposed to being sent by a company or other organization.

1. Qualifications

Applicants must be academically competent to conduct research.

2. Selection of an academic supervisor

Please contact your preferred academic supervisor before applying to discuss your research and to get him or her to agree to supervise your research.

3. Application

The application deadline for the research student program is mid-February for those wishing to enroll in April, mid-March for those wishing to enroll in May, and late August for those wishing to enroll in September.

Application Guidelines(Japanese)
Please submit the following.

Application form and curriculum vitae(Japanese)
Certificate of graduation and transcript from last school attended
Letter of Consent and Confirmation issued by a representative or direct supervisor at your company (if currently employed)(Japanese)
Name and address
Proof of payment of application fee (postal transfer payment receipt)
Other documents as required by the Institute

4. Approval of admission

Successful applicants will receive a Notice of Admission (informal decision) with related documents.
You will be officially accepted as a research student if you complete admission procedures by the specified date.
If you decide to withdraw your application, please promptly inform the Student Division.

5. Tuition and other fees

The following fees apply as of AY 2016-17.

  • Application fee: 9,800 yen
  • Admission fee: 84,600 yen
  • Tuition: 178,200 yen per semester

Please note that the above fees are not refundable once paid.

6. Other

If you complete your research or decide to leave the Institute due to personal circumstances before the end of the academic year, you must submit the Request to Withdraw from the Institute to the Student Registration Management Coordinator at the Student Division at least one month prior to the date that you plan to leave.
A set of forms will be sent to the laboratories of all registered students at the beginning of January to confirm their intention to continue or discontinue their research at the Institute in the following year. If you wish to continue, please consult with your academic supervisor and receive his or her approval before submitting the form, as you did when you initially applied to the program. Please submit the following documents to the Student Registration Management Coordinator at the Student Division by the middle of February.

Request for Extension on Research Period as a Research Student at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Written Consent and Confirmation from the director of your affiliated department

Inquiries and requests for application and other forms should be made directly at the office as a rule. If you wish to have a copy of the Application Guidelines sent to you by post, please send a self-addressed A4 envelope (with postage of 120 yen affixed) together with a note requesting the Application Guidelines for Research Students to the address below.

Application and other forms related to the research student program can be obtained here.


Undergraduate Services Group, Student Division