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    A Deep Insight
    into Chemistry

    A Deep Insight into Chemistry

    In our chaotic world, having the insight to determine what is trivial and what is not is vital. What is the essence of chemistry? In the Department of Chemistry, we have built the curriculum to teach students the skill of being perceptive while continually asking ourselves this question. Our curriculum enables students to master the fundamental ability to deal with the unexpected as well as advanced problem-solving skills.

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    A Place for

    A Place for Growth

    The Department of Chemistry pursues cutting-edge research to develop the next generation of chemists. It is a place for the growth of both students and faculty. It is important to learn in line with the curriculum, but it is also vital for students to push forward with cutting-edge research of their own. Carrying out research constantly puts us under pressure to make choices. Making the wrong choice can leave us feeling discouraged, but growth comes from experiencing both that anxiety and the feeling of accomplishment when something goes well.

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    Continually Growing whilst
    Developing Fundamental Skills

    Continually Growing whilst Developing Fundamental Skills

    These days, employers want students to join the workforce with practical skills that they can use straight away. As the practical skills of today will certainly be outdated in 10 years, what is important is the fundamental ability to adapt to change, and to continue to grow. A student who has these two things can be successful in any field after graduation. In the Department of Chemistry, we develop students to attain those two things through our curriculum and through our cutting-edge research.

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    A Culture That
    Allows Failure

    A Culture That Allows Failure

    We live in a world that demands short-term results and a sense of not allowing failure has taken hold. But we can't expect people to grow without making mistakes. In reality, people learn more from a trial-and-error process in which they try to solve important problems with utmost effort than from success itself. The Department of Chemistry welcomes students' failures that lead them to future success. Those failures will surely become a seed for the next generation of chemistry research and our students might become pioneers of a new academic field or invention.

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    Treasuring Diversity

    The Department of Chemistry treasures diversity because we hope for the synergy that comes from the gathering of a variety of personalities from a variety of fields. The same is true for our students. We hope students whose backgrounds are as diverse as possible will join the Department of Chemistry. We also encourage students to present their work at domestic and international conferences, and compete with their peers. International conferences are like the world championships of science. They allow students to compete with their peers on a global level and grow from the experience.