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5 Features

Industrial Engineering and Economics
Graduate Major
5 Features

Refining acquired skills with
real-world problems

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    Tackle Various Problems in Management and
    Economics through Research

    Tackle Various Problems in Management and Economics through Research

    At the graduate level, learn advanced knowledge and deal with various problems in society through research. Mobilize the fundamental knowledge and creativity acquired in the Undergraduate Program and deal with various management and economics problems through research for the master's thesis and doctoral dissertation and projects under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

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    Study Cutting-Edge
    Research Findings

    Study Cutting-Edge Research Findings

    Graduate-level lectures concentrate on acquisition of the latest knowledge based on advanced research results from each area. In addition, all master's students share cutting-edge research papers from their own field in Industrial Engineering and Economics Journal Club Course, thereby widening their perspective on trends in related fields.

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    Diverse Students and

    Diverse Students and Projects

    At the Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics, students with expertise in diverse academic fields come to study. Students from other departments, and many students from universities with which we have exchange agreements such as Keio University and Waseda University, also take courses. Different values and communication skills are trained through the plentiful opportunities for discussion in lectures with students from various backgrounds and participate in Project-Based Learning (PBL).

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    A Research Lab Environment with
    a Strong International Flavor

    A Research Lab Environment with a Strong International Flavor

    At the graduate level, students conduct daily research based in the lab. An ideal environment is provided in which research is refined through not only the close guidance of academic supervisors, but also daily discussions with other graduate students in the Master's Program and Doctoral Program and by helping undergraduate students with their independent research projects. The large number of exchange students is another distinctive feature. There are also plenty of opportunities to discuss research and make presentations in English so that students can cultivate an international perspective and learn to work together.

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    Active in a Variety of

    Active in a Variety of Areas

    Graduates who have deeply studied management activities and economic systems and gained problem-solving skills at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics are sought by a wide variety of areas in society. Graduates are active in a wide range of fields, including not just the manufacturing industry but also the service industry, finance, consulting, trading companies, marketing, government offices, universities, etc. Another distinctive feature of industrial engineering and economics is that many graduates start their own business.