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Technology and Innovation Management
Professional master's degree program
5 Features

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    A Systematic Curriculum to
    Acquire Literacy and Skills
    in Technology Management

    A Systematic Curriculum to Acquire Literacy and Skills in Technology Management

    Our curriculum allows cutting-edge knowledge of technology management to be acquired systematically. In addition to developing technology management literacy in areas such as planning of new businesses, strategy formulation, organization design, and intellectual property and standardization management, versatile abilities such as logical thinking and communication skills are polished. Through lectures by lecturers from inside and outside the university, it is possible to deepen understanding of the front line of advanced technology development conducted at Tokyo Tech as well as the front line business management and policy trends.

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    Design and Select a
    Flexible Curriculum

    Design and Select a Flexible Curriculum

    Each student can design their own curriculum according to their own interests, background knowledge, and study purpose under the guidance of the faculty. For example, it is possible to select and focus your studies on a particular area such as service and information, biotechnology and medical technology, or energy.

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    Technology and Innovation
    Management Research Seminars

    Technology and Innovation Management Research Seminars

    Research Seminars are held regularly by each laboratory. Active discussions in small groups based on each individual's awareness of technology management issues make these sessions productive. In addition, the participation of working adult students with various backgrounds and experiences make these seminars interactive and intellectually stimulating.

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    Dual Degree Program

    Dual Degree Program (PhD×MOT)

    This is a program that allows students who belong to Tokyo Tech's Doctoral Program to acquire both a doctoral degree and a professional master's degree in Technology Management . By providing the opportunity to gain expert knowledge in technology management while carrying out deep investigations in science and technology, the dual degree program aims to foster leaders of innovation who can create new social and economic values based on new scientific discoveries and technological inventions. Selection is through an oral examination. No additional tuition is charged.

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    Practical Training through
    Project Reports

    Practical Training through Project Reports

    In order to cultivate comprehensive strength for practicing technology management, the Professional Master's Degree Program incorporates practical exercises within its curriculum. In these exercises, students conduct research activities that go beyond simple academic research and document their findings as project reports. Students apply theories and methodologies learned from coursework in addition to knowledge and experience they each possess from practical work in order to carry out investigations and do research projects under the guidance of academic supervisors.