Annual medical checkup

An annual medical checkup for students is required by the School Health and Safety Act. The medical checkup is not only important for identifying an illness at an early stage, but also for maintaining your personal health, making you aware of your current condition and giving you the possibility to improve your lifestyle. Please prioritize the annual checkup to maintain a healthy and fulfilling school life.

Schedule:click herePDF

How to collect a urine sample:click herePDF

Annual Medical Checkup includes:

Urine Test
Measurements: Height, Weight
Eyesight Check
Blood Pressure Check
Chest X-ray
Blood Test (only for eligible students)
Medical Questionnaire by Nurse
Consultation with a Doctor
Counseling (upon request)

Medical Certificate

Students who have the annual medical checkup on campus receive a copy of their medical certificate with their results from the printing machine free of charge. Please contact the Health Service Center if you were unable to get a copy from the machine.
The medical certificate is needed to apply for scholarships and/or a job. It is valid for one year from the date of the checkup.

If you miss the annual medical checkup offered on campus and you need a medical certificate, you will have to have an examination at your own expense off campus.