Annual medical checkup

(Updated August 6,2020)

The 2020 annual medical checkup which was postponed due to the spread of Covid-19 will be held as scheduled below. However, since we may not be able to conduct it as planned due to future social conditions, please check our homepage for updated information. As we are taking preventive measures against Covid-19, all students must read the important notice and make a reservation and answer medical questionnaire online in advance. Note that you may not be able to take the medical checkup if you arrive at the venue without an appointment. We appreciate your understanding and consideration for a safe medical checkup for all students.


Annual Schedule:click herePDF

Advance preparation ①  Reservation & Questionnaire online

All students are required to make a reservation and answer the questionnnaire online PRIOR to taking the medical checkup.

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Advance preparation ② How to collect a urine sample No urine test

Students do not have to collect a urine sample as it will not be performed this year in the medical checkup.


Medical Certificate

This year, only 1st-year undergraduate students(B1) are eligible to obtain a copy of medical certificate from the automatic certificate issuing machine.

If you are a current student(over B2), and need a medical certificate, please fill out the application form below and send it to You will be able to receive the medical certificate starting the date announced by the Health Support Center.

Medical checkup application form:click herePDF

Contact numbers

Ookayama Health Support Center 03-5734-2057, 2065
Suzukakedai Health Support Center 045-924-5107