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Nano-Materials and Nano-Biomaterials

Course Name
Nano-materials and Nano-biomaterials
Type of Degree
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy
Course Outline
This course is designed to produce interdisciplinary researchers and engineers capable of creating fusion fields of nano, bio and information science and engineering. The program provides a strong collaborative system using state-of-the-art facilities in RIKEN. Students will experience a unique range of research opportunities spanning basic and practical materials and device studies to the latest in bio-informatics and brain science.
Nanotechnology, Nanoscience, Nanoelectronics and Quantum nanodevices, Fusion of Nano, Bio and Information Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineeringouter, Self-Assembly, Biointerfaces and Biodevices, Carbon Nano Tubes and Graphene, Nano Fabrication Terahertz Technology, Nano Photonics and Plasmonics, Theoretical (Mathematical & Computational) Neuroscience, Neuroeconomics, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Single Molecular Detection, Polynuclear Metal Complexes, Organometallic Catalysts
Number of Students Admitted
Several students
Contact Person
Professor Masahiko HARA
Email: titech.riken(at) 
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