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Confirming Grades and Filing a Complaint over Issued Grades

Students can consult faculty members directly or via the Student Division Office if they wish to confirm or ask questions about issued grades. Additionally, students can file a complaint if they feel the explanation provided is insufficient.
(For details, refer to the Tokyo Institute of Technology Guidelines on Grade Confirmation and Filing a Complaint over Issued Grades .)

【Request for confirmation】
1. In principle, students must directly contact the faculty by email or in person.
2. However, students may request the Student Division to communicate with the faculty on their behalf if there are unavoidable reasons (e.g., a student wishes to contact a part-time lecturer whose email address is not listed in the directory).
In this case, the request must be made using the designated form. Please ask the Student Division for details.

【Deadline for requesting confirmation】
In principle, grade confirmation must be requested within ten days of the grade’s issuance. If it pertains to requirements for graduation, degree completion, or enrollment in a department, the request must be made within three days of the grade’s issuance.

【Deadline for filing a complaint】
In principle, if a student chooses to file a complaint, it must be done within three days of receipt of grade confirmation.

【Important points to note】
Complaints are only processed when they are deemed rational and are supported by evidence. The system has not been put in place to offer lenience or accept pleas from students who simply seek re-evaluation or to deal with complaints that lack specific details. The following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable complaints.

1. Acceptable complaints i. Apparent human error (e.g., faculty member recording the wrong grade) ii. Grade clearly was not calculated based on the evaluation criteria stated in the course syllabus

2. Unacceptable complaints
i. Personal pleas made by a student to a faculty member (e.g., the issued grade will affect my chances of graduation. )
ii. Comparing scores with classmate (e.g., why did I get 70 when my classmate got 80?)
iii. Questioning the issued grade while lacking rationale or evidence (e.g., why did I only get 60 when I tried really hard?)
*For cases ii and iii in 2 above, a student can request grade confirmation or file a complaint if it is a rational claim and supported by evidence.

【Inquiries for Confirming Grades and Filing a Complaint over Issued Grades】
Undergraduate students:
Undergraduate Services Group, Student Division
Email: kyo.gak@jim.titech.ac.jp, Tel: 03-5734-7641

Graduate students:
Graduate Services Group, Student Division
Email: kyo.dai@jim.titech.ac.jp, Tel: 03-5734-7642