Career Development Program

What Is Career Development Education?

Career development education assists Tokyo Tech students to prepare for a successful career. Apart from students’ knowledge gained through their chosen area of expertise and liberal arts studies that enable them to have a broader spectrum of life’s possibilities, career development education offers an opportunity for students to reflect on their life goals involving future opportunities, further knowledge acquisition, skills development and practical experiences.

Our graduate students are naturally expected to become resourceful leaders in science and engineering fields. To inspire them to think proactively about their future careers, we offer various career development programs to our master's, doctoral, and professional master's students.

The career development courses we offer include, but are not limited to: lectures to encourage students to think about career design; internships; career development sessions by diverse lecturers such as businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and people engaged in nonprofit activities; teaching practice; research practice at other institutions; and management practice. The Innovator and Inventor Development Platform (IIDP) offers courses for all Tokyo Tech graduate students. Courses specific to a student’s chosen field of study will be offered in cooperation with relevant schools and/or departments.

Aside from the number of credits, there are specific Graduate Attributes (GAs) assigned for all career courses (including courses that correspond to career courses). GAs are the skills, knowledge, and understanding that students acquire and develop throughout the instructional and learning period. GAs were introduced to contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of career education. By enrolling in career courses, students can meet the GAs specified in each course, thus aiming to acquire the knowledge and develop the abilities needed to design and fulfill the career path that they envision.

For Master's and Professional Master's Students

There are courses designed for graduate students who are aspiring competitive talents in the fields of science and engineering to develop a basic "career mindset" and learn certain techniques throughout their career. The courses feature or characterize content that will help students planning to work immediately after graduation as well as those planning to enter doctoral programs.

Knowledge and Abilities Expected of Master's Students (Graduate Attributes)


You can clearly plan your own career and recognize the abilities necessary for realizing it while considering ethics and relevance to societal problems.


You can acquire the knowledge, skills, and ethics necessary for realizing your planned career and contribute to societal problem-solving while collaborating with other experts.

【Reference】 Graduate Attributes assigned to master's students enrolled before Academic Year 2022


You will be able to delineate your career plan clearly and recognize the skills necessary to materialize that plan, taking into account its relation to society.


You will be able to understand academic integrity, utilize your own expertise for the development of academia and technology, and work with others with different expertise to contribute to problem-solving.

For Doctoral Students

IIDP offers various career development courses for doctoral students who are aiming to work in academia or industry, with the ultimate goal of helping them to become leaders in pioneering new academic and/or research areas and solvers of societal problems.

The career development courses include not only fundamental ones allowing students to acquire basic knowledge and skills, but also practical ones related to internship, teaching, presentations, and overseas experience, according to students’ career plans and interests.

Knowledge and Abilities Expected of Doctoral Students (Graduate Attributes)


You can clearly design your own career and contribute to realizing scientific, technological, or social innovation through a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, skills, social responsibilities and ethics required to become an active member of academia and/or industry.


You can lead in realizing scientific, technological, or social innovation by acquiring the advanced leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and expertise, and by developing social responsibility necessary for materializing your designed career.

【Reference】 Graduate Attributes assigned to doctoral students enrolled before Academic Year 2022

Academic Leader Program (ALP) Students


You will be able to precisely define your own career plan and train yourself to acquire the skills required for attaining your goals in academia.


You will be able to ascertain the true nature of phenomena, master the secret of learning, and lead the vanguard of a new academic discipline or research area.


You will be able to understand the position of academia in society as well as the notion of responsible conduct of research, and adequately explain academic progress to members of society, who are our stakeholders.


With the understanding of the social roles and responsibilities of researchers, you will be able to nurture next-generation experts in educational institutions, instilling in them an interest in academia and enabling them to later join in the pioneering of new academic disciplines or research areas.

Productive Leader Program (PLP) Students


You will be able to precisely plot your own career plan and train yourself to acquire the skills required for attaining your goals in industry, etc.


You will be able to precisely grasp the needs of society and detect its problems, comprehend relevant laws, regulations, or guidelines for responsible conduct of research, and lead future developments in science and technology.


While leading teams consisting of members with varied specialties and value systems, you will be able to create products and enterprises that bring forth new values in society.


With the understanding of the social roles and responsibilities of engineers, you will be able to nurture next-generation experts through the project, enabling them to help drive future development of society and industry.

(To graduate students who were enrolled before AY 2022) Clarifications about GAs (Graduate Attributes) for career development courses starting AY 2022

Taking in advance in bachelor's and master's degree program

Orientation Information

The orientation for Career Development Courses will be held by Zoom due to the COVID-19 matter.
Explanations will be given in Japanese and English.

Date and Time

September 28, 2023 (Thu.)



※Please participate in any session of your choice.

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IIDP Career Development Courses

There are mainly two types of career development courses: those designed by each department specifically for their own students, and those designed by the IIDP, which are open to all graduate students. In addition, the Department of Innovation Science and the Department of Technology and Innovation Management offer career development courses that any graduate student can take, as long as there are places available (although priority is given to students enrolled in the relevant department).

Visit the following page for a complete list of all career development courses offered:

For details on each career development course, please see the detailed pages in the Graduate School Study Guide on the following site:

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