Prospective Students

Necessary Preparations for Those Coming to Japan as IGP Students(Privately Funded)

June 6, 2022 updated

Congratulations on your admission to the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) International Graduate Program. Outlined below are the conditions for enrollment. Please read them thoroughly as they contain important information regarding the necessary procedures for entering Tokyo Tech.

If you are selected as a MEXT scholarship student, please refer to “Necessary Preparations for Those Coming to Japan as IGP Students (MEXT scholarship).”

1. Pledge to Tokyo Tech

Please complete the “Pledge” form to accept our offer of admission, or the “Notice to Decline Admission Offer” to decline the offer of admission, and submit it to us at as an email attachment no later than the deadline designated by each program.

2. Tuition and Fees

Privately funded students are required to pay the enrollment fee and annual tuition.

Tuition and Fees

Payment of the enrollment fee must be made via bank transfer and received by Tokyo Tech before the enrollment procedure date. Tuition payment should be made after your enrollment is approved.

For CSC scholarship students, payment of the enrollment fee and tuition is waived.

For enrollment fee and tuition fee, please follow the instructions described in "Enrollment Procedure Guide".
※Estimated shipping date of "Enrollment Procedure Guide" is; early September for fall intake (both master/doctoral programs), late January for master's program spring intake, and early March for doctoral program spring intake.

3. Visa


Tokyo Tech will apply on behalf of successful applicants for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) after the examination results are released. There may be cases, however, where the COE application is rejected by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. Those without a COE will not be permitted to enter Japan, and will be withdrawn from Tokyo Tech if they have already completed the enrollment procedure. Please also note that enrollment and tuition fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Tokyo Tech has a system for postponing payment of those fees.

For latest notice for International Students by Tokyo Tech, please refer the Tokyo Tech webpage .

International students newly enrolling at Tokyo Tech need to obtain and enter Japan with a "Student Visa," which can be acquired by submitting a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan to a Japanese embassy/consulate in the student’s home country.

For procedures and required documents for COE application, refer to "Visa & Immigration " and submit the required documents by the deadline designated by each IGP program.

Those who have a residence card are not required to apply for a COE. However, for those who need to change their status or period of stay, please refer to " Visa & Immigration.”

4. Enrollment Procedures

You are required to complete enrollment procedures by the designated deadline. Documents required for enrollment procedures will be sent to your academic supervisor.

Admitted Students - Enrollment Procedures

If you did not submit the following certificates (in English, original or certified copies) when you applied for the International Graduate Program, you are required to submit them as part of the enrollment procedures. It is highly recommended that you prepare these documents in advance.

  1. 1. Most recent certificate of graduation from your home university
  2. 2. Completed academic transcript from your home university

5. Housing

Information on dormitories and other accommodation can be found at "Dormitories and Housing.

When intending to move into a dormitory, please check the policies of the Japanese government and your home country and take measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
* Tokyo Tech dormitories cannot be used for self-isolation.

For Students of IGP(B) RIKEN, housing information will be provided by RIKEN.

6. Prevention of Infectious Diseases

To manage the risk of infectious diseases at the Institute, international students (including those from other domestic universities, technical colleges, and Japanese language schools) who have passed the entrance exam, are required to submit a health certificate signed by a physician during the three months before enrollment. Please refer to “Measures to help control infection for international students.”

7. Submission Deadlines

IGP(C) Spring intake
IGP(B) Tokyo Tech - RIKEN,
IGP(C) Fall intake
May 27, 2022
June 24, 2022
May 27, 2022
June 24, 2022
Must be submitted before enrollment procedure