Prospective Students

Necessary Preparations for Those Coming to Japan as JICA Students

As a JICA student, please make necessary preparations prior to coming to Japan, as follows.

1. Schedule

Arrival in Japan (arrival date will be determined by JICA)
Self-isolation/self-quarantine period (as specified by the Japanese government)
Move into Tokyo Tech dormitory (after self-isolation/self-quarantine period)
Orientation by International Student Exchange Division (date will be announced later)

2. Tuition and Fees

Your enrollment and tuition fees will be covered by JICA.

3. Air Ticket

JICA will contact you about your ticket and flight schedule, so please do not reserve flights by yourself.

4. Visa

JICA students are required to obtain a student visa. This procedure is handled only through the Japanese embassy indicated on your application. JICA will contact you about the procedures for your visa.

5. Self-Isolation / Self-Quarantine Period

Newly arriving international students are required to self-isolate after entering Japan at a location designated by the quarantine chief and refrain from using public transportation. The period of self-isolation/self-quarantine will be specified by the Japanese government. Tokyo Tech dormitories cannot be used for self-isolation purposes, and students are asked to arrange hotel or other accommodation by themselves. As a JICA student, you are required to stay at accommodation reserved by JICA during the self-isolation period. Transportation from the airport to the accommodation will also be provided by JICA.

After leaving the JICA-reserved accommodation, please check in at your dorm and perform move-in procedures on the same day during the specified hours. (Note that students are allowed to move into Tokyo Tech dorms on weekdays only, generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please be sure to follow dormitory guidelines before checking in.)
During your quarantine period, meals will be provided by JICA. After your quarantine is over, you are asked to pay your own transportation and other personal expenditures.

6. Housing

For your convenience, Tokyo Tech will reserve an off-campus dormitory room for you. The maximum period of residence at dormitories is generally one year.

Dormitory fees will be charged starting from the month you move in. The fees are generally due on the 23rd of each month. Please check with your dorm for the payment schedule after you move in.

If you are bringing your family to Japan, you need to arrange accommodation by yourself. As it may take some time to secure family housing, it is recommended that you first come alone before inviting family members to join you. JICA strongly recommends that you invite family members after six months following your arrival and after you enroll as a regular student (for Research Students). Requests to invite family members within the first six months may be rejected by JICA.

If you have any urgent questions about housing, please contact the Student Support Division at . In the email, please include your name, your intended department at Tokyo Tech, and state that you are a JICA student (with your JICA program name).

7. Orientation and Opening of Bank Account in Japan

It is important that you make arrangements to attend the orientation organized by the International Student Exchange Division, which is scheduled to be held at the Ookayama campus. We will explain how to open a bank account during the orientation, the dates and details of which will be announced later.

8. Stipend

You will be provided a monthly stipend of JPY 146,000 (as a Research Student). This stipend is subject to change as specified by JICA regulations.
The first stipend is generally transferred to your Japanese bank account more than one month after entering Tokyo Tech. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring at least JPY 150,000 to cover various expenses during your first 6 to 8 weeks in Japan.

9. Application for Tokyo Tech Student ID Card

Please fill out the “Application for Student ID Card” form and send it with your photo attached in JPEG format to the International Student Exchange Division. If your name does not fit in the space, you can indicate your first or middle name as an initial. We will hand deliver your student ID card on your orientation day. (A PDF form is provided below; Excel format is also available).

Student ID Card Application Form

10. Prevention of Infectious Diseases

To manage the risk of infectious diseases at the Institute, international students (including those from other domestic universities, technical colleges, and Japanese language schools) who have passed the entrance exam, are urged to submit a health certificate signed by a physician during the three months before enrollment. Please set the password [tokyotech2022] on the health certificate (PDF or ZIP) to be uploaded. Please refer to “Measures to help control infection for international students.”