Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship for Doctoral Students

Tokyo Tech launched a new scholarship program for doctoral students in April 2019.

The Tsubame Scholarship for Doctoral Students aims to reduce the financial burden on academically outstanding students so that they may concentrate on pursuing their doctoral studies. The financial assistance is intended to prevent motivated students from missing out on the opportunity to study at the Institute.


Students who enrolled in a doctoral degree program in or after April 2018 are eligible to apply.

Doctoral students are not eligible if any of the following is true:

They receive financial aid from programs that do not permit funding from other sources (e.g., recipients of the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, MEXT Scholarship students, recipients of overseas government scholarships).
They receive income as working adults (e.g., regular employees of a company, individuals who own a business).
They have exceeded the standard duration of their doctoral studies.
※Recipients of the JSPS Research Fellowship are not eligible to apply for 2020 academic year, as in 2019 academic year.

Scholarship amount

Scholarships are provided over the standard duration of a doctoral program, which is three years.

Scholarship amount (annual)
1st year doctoral students
480,000 JPY (standard scholarship)
2nd and 3rd year doctoral students
480,000 JPY (standard scholarship)
or 635,400 JPY (special scholarship)1


Students who show outstanding academic performance will be granted a special scholarship. Approximately 20% of scholarship recipients in their second and third year will receive the special scholarship.

Call for applications in fall 2020

(August 31, 2020 updated)

* Applicants must submit the application documents to the Student Support Division directly or by postal mail.

Read the guidelines(below) carefully, and apply to Student Support Division.

・Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship Application Guidelines (August 31, 2020 updated)
Tokyo Tech Tsubame scholarship application guidelines(2020fall).pdf

Application for this round of recruitment is open to the following groups of students.

Students enrolled in a doctoral degree program between April 2018 and September 2020.
Students who are expecting to enroll in a doctoral degree program in April 2021.
(i.e., current second year master’s students in Tokyo Tech).

Application Forms

  • 1.Application Form (submit as a double sided A4 sheet document) (August 31, 2020 updated)
  • Applicants may use software other than Excel to write the Research Plan. When completed, it must be printed on an A4 sheet of paper (less than one page), include the applicant’s name, and be stapled to the first page of the Application Form.
  • Tsubame_applicationform_2020_fall.xlsx  tsubame_applicationform_2020fall.pdf

  • 2.Bank Transfer Request Form (applicants who have submitted the form in the past must do so again)
  •   Bank Transfer Request Form (excel) ※Internal access only
  • (Non-Japanese should attach a copy of their bankbook page(s) showing their account information.)
    ※how to get off-campus access to the Tokyo Institute of Technology network is available here.

  • 3. One self-addressed envelope of long form 3 for return with 84 yen stamp
  • *3. is required only when submitting by postal mail.

• Submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.

• Submitted documents will be used solely for procedures related to this scholarship.

Application period

From October 12, 2020 to October 16, 2020


Applications will not be accepted outside this period.

● If submitted by postal mail, it must be postmarked by October 15. Please ship from the post office counter by October 15.
● When submitting directly to the Student Support Division, please submit it to our office by October 16.

Research Achievements Report

Scholarship recipients are required to submit a Research Achievements Report either in person or by proxy once a year. Please be sure to submit the report by referring to the “Submission period of Research Achievements Report” below.

When preparing the report, be sure to write about the achievements in research over the past year.

Reports sent by post will not be accepted.

・Tsubame Scholarship Research Achievements Report (May 1, 2020 updated)

Tsubame_Researchreport_2020.xlsx Tsubame_researchreport_2020.docx

Submission period of Research Achievements Report

(i) April 2018 and April 2019 enrollees: March 9–13, 2020 *Fill in the achievements in research for one year from April 2019

(ii) September 2018 and September 2019 enrollees: September 7–11, 2020 *Fill in the achievements in research for one year from the end of September 2019


●Failure to submit a research achievements report within the specified period will result in suspension of scholarship payment for the following semester(s).

●Scholarship recipients whose payment is suspended can have it reinstated by submitting the research achievements report. In principle, if the submission is made after the relevant semester ends, payment will resume in the semester following the semester in which the student submits the report.

●Even if a late submission of the research achievements report is made within the same month of the periods specified above, but after the specified dates, the submission will still be deemed to have been made in the subsequent semester. Accordingly, payment will not resume until the semester following the semester in which the student submits the report.

• Students who cannot hand in their report during the specified period must consult the Student Support Division in advance.


Students affiliated to laboratories on Ookayama and Tamachi Campuses

Financial Aid Group, Student Support Division Ookayama Campus

West Bldg. 8, Floor 1


Students affiliated to laboratories on Suzukakedai Campus

Suzukakedai Student Support Group, Student Support Division

Suzukakedai Campus

J1 Bldg., Floor 1



The next call for applications is planned after the end of April 2021.