Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies by MEXT

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has established a program called "Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies".

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting decrease in household income and part-time job income, the economic impact on students has been great. The program aims to provide cash so that students who have difficulty will not have to give up their studies at universities, etc.

Program Details (Second call for "Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies by MEXT")

Eligible students

Tokyo Tech students in regular programs (bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree, and professional master's degree programs) who fulfill criteria 1 through 5 below.

You generally do not live in a supporter's residence.
You are not receiving large sums from family members.
Due to a loss of income for your family (by either parent) or other such reason, you do not expect to receive additional support from family.
The income from your part-time work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
You have received support from other programs or plan to use it.

However, if any of the following apply, you are not eligible to apply.

  • You received Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies by MEXT in January this year.
  • You have been recommended by Tokyo Tech in first call for Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies by MEXT.
    UPDATED Feb 8, 2022: "first call" was conducted between Late Dec, 2021 and Early Jan, 2022.

Make sure to confirm "Requirements for Recipients (Criteria)" on page 4 of the Application Guide
(for Students)
for details.

Amount to be granted

JPY 100,000

Application period

  • Online application must be completed by Wednesday, February 16, 2022.
  • The required documents must be postmarked by Friday, February 18, 2022.

Postmark(消印) is a stamp with the date which proves that the mail was accepted by the post office.


If you simply drop it in the mailbox or drop it off at a convenience store, the postmark may be delayed. If you submit the required documents on the final day of the application period, you MUST bring it directly to the post office for acceptance.


To complete the application procedure, you must finish not only online applications but also submitting documents by the above period.

How to Apply

Make sure to read this webpage and the program's Application Guide (for Students) carefully.

Apply with the Online Application Form (consisting of the "Application for Student Emergency Aid for Continuance of Studies" (Form 1) and "Oath" (Form 2)).
Prepare the Documents proving you meet the aid criteria by confirm Automatic reply email from the online application form and the Submitted Documents List.
Mail hard copies of the required documents by Japan Post Office's traceable method (e.g. Registered mail(簡易書留), "Letter Pack").

Your application is NOT valid if you submitted by other method (e.g. Regular mail(普通郵便), Internal/School/Campus mail(学内便), Other companies' mail service).

Required Documents
  • Automatic reply email from the online application form (print both sides)
  • Documents proving you meet the aid criteria
  • Submit all the documents in A4 sized documents of portrait orientation. If the documents proving you meet the aid criteria are smaller than A4 sized, make an enlarged copy of the documents to A4 sized or paste them neatly in the center of the A4 sized paper.
  • In the upper right corner of the documents proving you meet the aid criteria, write the number of the corresponding requirement in black ballpoint pen.
  • You MUST use the printout of Automatic reply email from the online application form as a headed sheet, attach all the documents proving you meet the aid criteria you need to submit in the order of requirements number, and submit them together at once.
  • You ONLY have one opportunity to submit the required documents. Additional documents can never be acceptable. If even one of the required documents is incomplete or missing, your application will be invalid.
  • All submitted documents will not be returned.

Tokyo Tech will not accept inquiries about the receipt of sent documents. Applications will never be received in person at the Student Support Division counter.


Tokyo Tech does not accept applications via the LINE app.

Postal address for document submission:
Student Support Emergency Aid Team, Student Support Division, Student Services Department Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1-TP-102 Ookayama, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-8550, Japan


Make sure to write "Application Documents for Student Emergency Aid Enclosed" (学生支援緊急給付金 申請書類在中) in red on the front of the envelope. If you do not write in red correctly, your application will be invalid.


  • You can apply even if you are not sure whether your circumstances fulfill the requirements for the grant as explained in the application guide.
    UPDATED Feb 7, 2022: We do not respond to inquiries such as "Am I eligible to apply?" or "Do I meet the requirements?".
  • Any application by anyone other than the applicant never be valid.
  • If you do not follow the application procedure specified by Tokyo Tech, your application will be invalid.
  • The number of recommendations to be made by Tokyo Tech for the grant is limited. Please note that Tokyo Tech will screen applicants, and the grants may not be awarded to all students who apply.
  • Tokyo Tech is responsible for notifying the screening results to applicants. Following our screening process, the each applicant will be notified of the result by email. It will be sent to your Tokyo Tech email account (
  • After the completion of screening and recommendations by Tokyo Tech, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) will transfer the cash to the bank account stated in the online application form of the students who are to receive the grant.
  • You will not receive any special notification about decisions concerning the disbursement. The transfer of funds to your account will serve as notification of finalized disbursement. MEXT and JASSO stipulate that way, note that we cannot answer about timing of the transfer of funds to your account. Even if we are asked when you can receive, we will not answer such inquiry.
  • In false or inaccurate statements are found in the application content, recipients could be requested to return the grant.
  • Any update on information regarding the urgent grant program will be announced accordingly.


Tokyo Tech contact:

For inquiries, please contact us from form below yourself.
We do not respond to inquiries by phone or over the counter and about any information that can be read from the application guide, this webpage, or the online application form.