Prospective Students

Necessary Preparations for Coming to Japan for MEXT Scholarship Student (International Graduate Program)

If you have been selected as a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Student based on your anticipated enrollment at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) from September 25, 2019, please make the necessary preparations for coming to Japan.

*The procedures for those students who have applied for MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation -SGU-) October 2019 and (University Recommendation -SATREPS-) will be announced separately. Those students are not requested to follow the guidelines.


Only MEXT Scholarship Students living in their home countries may obtain the Student visa under the expedited process described below. This procedure can be handled only through the Japanese Embassy you indicated on your application.

1) Documents enclosed in the package:

a) Certificate verifying that you are a MEXT Scholarship Student.

b) Document for Visa explaining that you are a MEXT Scholarship Student who is not required to submit a Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence when applying for an entry visa. The Document for Visa requests that the Japanese Embassy or Consulate of the country of your nationality (hereafter, the Japanese Embassy) issue an entry visa and provides the name of an official contact person at Tokyo Tech.

2) How to obtain your visa:

a) Before visiting the Japanese Embassy, it is recommended that you call their visa section and inquire about the correct procedure for obtaining a Student visa as a MEXT Scholarship Student (University Recommendation). Please note that any inquiry to the Japanese Embassy should be made on or after August 1.

b) Please go to the Japanese Embassy after August 1 to submit your visa application. Since you are a MEXT Scholarship Student, it should only take a few days for the Embassy to process your visa application.

Note: If the Japanese Embassy requests that you submit a Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence even after you have submitted the Document for Visa (explained in 1b above), please ask the Embassy to contact Tokyo Tech directly.

Please note that both a valid entry visa and the Certificate verifying you are a MEXT student (explained in 1a) are necessary to enter Japan. Do not fail to bring both of these important items with you when you leave your country.

-For Chinese citizens-

Please consult with a designated proxy application authority in China before applying.

<List of proxy application authorities>

2. Air Ticket

*Further details will be announced later.

MEXT will provide you with a one-way economy class air ticket to Narita or Haneda Airport in Japan from the international airport closest to your residence in the country of your nationality. Please note that your ticket will be issued only for a route departing from the airport you indicated in your application.

Tokyo Tech will contact you in August about the arrangements for your ticket, so please do not reserve flights by yourself. Upon receipt of your air ticket application form, Tokyo Tech will request a ticket on your behalf using a travel agency designated by MEXT. Once you decide the details of your itinerary, such as departure/arrival dates, you will not be able change them without the approval of MEXT and Tokyo Tech. Therefore, before you confirm your flight itinerary, you should consult with your academic supervisor at Tokyo Tech regarding when would be the best time to arrive.

You must arrive in Japan between the dates of September 11 and October 9 for your airfare to be covered by MEXT. Tokyo Tech recommends you arrive in Japan between September 18 and October 9 because the dormitories will not be available before September 18. Please try to travel on a weekday. If you will be staying in a Tokyo Tech dormitory, you will probably not be able to check in on a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday. Also, depending on the time of your arrival in Tokyo (i.e., late afternoon or evening), you may not be able to check in to the dormitory on the same day and will need to arrange alternative accommodation for yourself for the nights until you can check in.

As each dormitory sets its own check-in desk schedule, please check the information for your specific dormitory when the assignments are announced in July. For your reference, September 16 and 23, 2019 will be national holidays in Japan.

As proof for MEXT of your arrival in Japan, you will be requested to submit the boarding pass stubs from your flights to Tokyo Tech's Student Support Division. Please keep your boarding pass stubs for submission. You will be held responsible for the airfare if you do not submit them.

Please further note that your travel grant does not cover applicable taxes and fees en route (such as airport tax, local sales tax, etc.), and they will be your responsibility.


Tokyo Tech's administrative offices, including the International Student Exchange Division, will be closed from August 10 to 14. If you have any questions regarding your air ticket, make sure to contact us before August 9.

3. Housing

Tokyo Tech offers off-campus dormitories to newly arrived international students. Although rooms cannot be guaranteed for all students, you are automatically in line as a candidate for dormitory accommodation. Should you be selected to live in university housing, you will be notified by Tokyo Tech’s International Student Exchange Division in July via email. The maximum period of residence depends on each dormitory. If you will not live in assigned dormitory, you will need to find accommodation by yourself.

If you are bringing your family to Japan, you need to arrange accommodation by yourself. It is recommended that you first come alone and secure suitable accommodations before inviting family members to join you, as it may take some time to secure accommodations for a family.

If you have any urgent questions about housing, please contact the Student Support Division at In the email, please include your name and the name of your intended program at Tokyo Tech, and state you are a MEXT Scholarship Student.

If you will live in a Tokyo Tech dormitory, you can move in on or after September 18. In general, you cannot check in on weekends or national holidays, and each dormitory sets its own check-in desk schedule, often with limited hours. For your reference, monthly dormitory fees vary from approximately 20,000 yen to 65,000 yen, and in most cases, the dormitories do not calculate fees on a per-day basis.

For further information about university dormitories and private apartments, please refer to the following pages.

4. Stipend

Your first stipend from MEXT will be transferred to your Japanese postal savings account in the middle of November at the earliest. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring at least 150,000 JPY to cover various expenses during your first 6 to 8 weeks in Japan.

Guidance on opening a bank account will be provided from the Student Support Division.

5. Pledge and Application Documents

MEXT requires recipients of its scholarships to sign a pledge. Download the form herePDF.

When printing the form, make a double-sided printout. After reading the pledge carefully, please fill it out and sign it, then send the original copy with your signature by airmail to the International Student Exchange Division at Tokyo Tech. You do not have to fill in the "No." (number) column in the upper right corner of the form. Photocopies of the pledge will not be accepted. Do not use an erasable pen.

In addition, please include the original copies of the two application documents you submitted in March (i.e., the new application form and Field of Study and Research Plan) in the same envelope. The application form must be with a handwritten signature, as the digital signature will NOT be accepted. Note that anything on the application form, including date on the last page, should not be updated but as of the date you submitted it before.

The pledge must be received by Tokyo Tech no later than July 26. You will not be officially certified as a MEXT Scholarship Student until you have completed this procedure. If you cannot submit it on time, please contact the International Student Exchange Division by email (

6. Application for Tokyo Tech Student ID Card

Incoming students to Tokyo Tech must apply for student ID cards. Download the formExcel, fill it out, and send it with your photo attached in JPEG format to the International Student Exchange Division by email no later than July 26.

If your name does not fit in the space, you can indicate your first or middle name as an initial.

Please understand that Tokyo Tech will NOT reply to emails requesting confirmation of the receipt of the pledge and the application for a student ID card. Tokyo Tech will notify you only if your documents have not reached the International Student Exchange Division by the stated deadline or if the documents contain errors or omissions.

7. Items to Bring to Japan

You are required to submit the following certificates (in English, original or certified copies) as part of the admission procedures if you did not submit them when you applied for the International Graduate Program. It is highly recommended that you prepare these documents in advance.

- most recent Certificate of Graduation from your home university

- complete Academic Transcript from your home university

8. Required On-site Admission Procedures

You are required to complete on-campus admission procedures on either September 18 or 19, 2019 at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Admission documents will be sent to your academic supervisor in early September. If you are unable to attend due to late arrival in Japan or some other valid reason, a proxy can complete the admission procedures on your behalf. Please contact your academic supervisor for more information.

9. Tokyo Tech Academic Calendar

For the dates of the start of the third quarter and the entrance ceremony for degree-seeking students, please refer to the Tokyo Tech Academic Calendar online.

10. Extension of the Scholarship

[Information for MEXT Scholarship Students who will advance from master’s to doctoral programs at Tokyo Tech]

Please bear in mind that the initial period of the MEXT Scholarship will be two years of a master’s degree program. Those who are accepted to Integrated Doctoral Education Programs may apply for an extension of the scholarship when proceeding to a doctoral program, provided that you had a grade point average of 2.50 or above out of 3.00 in the master’s program and satisfy certain criteria.

The scholarship will be cancelled if you proceed to a more advanced level of education without receiving approval for the extension of the period of the scholarship.

11. FAQs

Q1. I received the package containing visa documents. It included forms such as a blank Pledge and an Application for Tokyo Tech Student ID Card. I already downloaded these forms from the website and sent them via airmail to Tokyo Tech. Do I need to fill these documents out again?

A1. If you have already sent them to us, you do not have to resubmit them. These blank forms are to ensure that all students have a set of the forms in case they are unable to download them from the website.

Q2. The Japanese Embassy staff said that my name is not on the list of MEXT Scholarship Students. What should I do?

A2. Please provide your MEXT scholarship number (19xxxx) to the embassy staff. If this does not solve the problem, and you are still told that your name cannot be confirmed, please ask them to contact Tokyo Tech directly. To avoid inconvenience, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Japanese Embassy prior to visiting the embassy.

Q3. Where can I find information about the dormitories?

A3. General information about Tokyo Tech dormitories can be found on the website.

Q4. I am going to live with my sister who is already in Tokyo, so I do not need a dormitory room. What should I do?

A4. If you do not need dormitory accommodations, please notify the Student Support Division immediately.

Q5. I am going to stay at my friend's place at first while I look for my own apartment. I want to arrive in Japan earlier, since I need time to find an apartment. Is that possible?

A5. If you are not going to live in a Tokyo Tech dormitory, you can arrive in Japan before September 18; however, please keep in mind that you must arrive in Japan between the dates of September 11 and October 9 for your airfare to be covered by MEXT.

Q6. I already obtained my visa from the Japanese Embassy. May I arrive in Japan in August?

A6. MEXT will not provide you with an air ticket if you arrive in Japan before September 11. If you are willing to pay for your own airfare, you can choose the arrival date that works best for you.

Q7. Why does Tokyo Tech suggest that I consult with my academic supervisor about my intended arrival date? When I asked my supervisor about this issue, I was told to decide the date by myself.

A7. In many instances, supervisors make arrangements for meeting you at the airport or the nearest train station upon arrival to Japan to assist you in getting to the dormitory or campus. If your supervisor has not confirmed your arrival information, you may wish to mention that the International Student Exchange Division suggested that your academic supervisor could send someone to help you on the day you arrive.

Q8. MEXT or Tokyo Tech will provide my flight ticket. I already sent my air ticket application form. When will I hear about my flight?

A8. Upon receipt of your application, Tokyo Tech will request a ticket on your behalf using a travel agency designated by MEXT. The travel agency will make a tentative reservation based on your requested travel date and notify Tokyo Tech of the arrangements. Once Tokyo Tech hears from the travel agency, we will contact you with the basic flight details and ask for your confirmation so that the travel agency can finalize your reservation. When the tentative reservation is sent to you, you will be asked to give us your answer within a few days as that is the maximum amount of time that the travel agency can hold the tentative reservation. The travel agency will then issue and send your e-ticket to you.

Q9. What do you do at the Entrance Ceremony?

A9. The Entrance Ceremony consists of a welcome address by Tokyo Tech's president and an orientation session. The orientation will provide information on insurance, counseling and advising services, and other advice to help you navigate the Tokyo Tech systems.

Q10. Where can I find course syllabi?

A10. You can find them on the Tokyo Tech's website.


Regarding the MEXT Scholarship, please contact

International Student Exchange Division
South Bldg. 6, Floor 3, Rm 308
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-8550, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5734-7667
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