Tokyo Tech ANNEX Aachen

Tokyo Tech ANNEX Aachen opened in March 2019 on the campus of RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Tokyo Tech and RWTH Aachen have been actively engaged through research and student exchanges since concluding a university-wide cooperation agreement in 2007. In recent years, the two institutions have alternately held Joint Workshops as well as a Joint Symposium for International Industry-Academia Collaboration.

In addition to holding annual workshops on frontiers in science and technology, ANNEX Aachen will conduct activities to advance the two institutions' collaborations with universities, research institutions and industry in Germany and surrounding countries.



Address: Room 113, Old Combined Heat and Power Plant (HKW), Wüllnerstraße 3b, 52062 Aachen, Germany
Note: Office hours by appointment only

For research-related inquiries: Mr. Mizukoshi, University Research Administrator
For general inquiries: International Affairs Group, International Affairs Division, Research Promotion Department