Exchange Programs under Tuition Waiver,Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette,2017

Year of Study:
Environment and Society
Country / Region:
University / Institution:
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette
Program Duration:
Jan 31 to July 7,2017


パリ建築大学ラヴィレット校, my destination institution is one of the most renown schools of architecture in France. As a public institution financed by the state the facilities are well preserved and match the city of Paris, a mix of historicity and contemporary atmosphere. The education is challenging, part of French culture is being able to talk about art, history and politics in every moment, not been at exception during the classes I attended at the school. Professors are extremely well qualified and always available for feedback to the students.


My studying abroad experience was for the second half of my M2 year. Based on my research about Spatiality in museums I decided to apply to the school in Paris. I think there is no better destination in the world to go if museums, art and culture are the interests.

Before going to France, I checked the courses offered for spring semester and by my arrival there I was able to register in those classes. I was able to initiate the process for job hunting while my studies abroad, it was a challenge but now I am happy with the results. Time is difficult to manage when trying to attend and complete deadlines in different time zones. However not impossible.

The preparation process for studying in France can be very exhausting. First and most important thing, after choosing the university and been accepted for the program, it is mandatory to register in CAMPUS FRANCE JAPAN to applying for the visa. Housing is not provided by the host university unless Tokyo tech becomes part of ERASMUS+ program. So, I applied to Cite Universitaire, not being successful. At the end I was hosted during all the period in my friend’s family house.


I attended different courses, from history of contemporary architecture to Python programing for Grasshopper. My commitment to the courses was high, so I attended all the sessions and took the final tests. The classes were all in French but the student body was highly international, so there were moments when professors did small explanation in English.

As I mentioned before, courses are really deep and it is mandatory to read so participation in classes is constant and quality interventions. The content of the classes is accurate and clear from the beginning, the schedule is followed as explain the first day and the registration is easy and if there are problems the administration staff is available for solving them.


I took gardening classes in the suburbs of the city, also attended many art exhibitions, symposiums and walked a lot around the city. During sometimes did hiking in the mountains, swam in the public pool in the center of the city and meet with many new people from japan and from other countries.

Also, the university offers many extracurricular activities and students are always creating situations for sharing with other students, such as picnics, presentations and concerts.


Well, this point is quite interesting and at the same time very difficult to answer. First of all, more than greater experience in the academic sphere, I think this opportunity to study in France allowed me to meet wonderful people that in one way or another have influenced my life. Having the chance to live with French family allowed me to understand and experience a true Parisian experience.

I visited great places, met great people and made I hope for life friends. And of course learnt a lot. No doubt.


Living costs in France are as expensive as in Tokyo. So, as I didn’t have scholarship I got part time job and also continued language tutoring online to students in japan.

The insurance premium is quite high, but I was robbed at the entrance of one big station, so at the end it was worth it.


I lived in family house. The conditions were good and enjoying sharing with all of them. There were a dog and two cats in the house so it was really interesting and fun.


Before starting the classes I attended French class offered by the university. Although before travelling I took certification test and obtained B1 level.
In France, even though is highly touristic destination, it is mandatory to speak French or things won’t be easy for living properly.


I haven’t verified the equivalences of credits from university in Paris to Tokyo tech.


During my stay in France, I took time to prepare my application for job-hunting and actually did all the interview process and exams from there. I’m planning to work in company in Tokyo for few years and been able to live in France for 8 months allowed me to be sure in my decision.


Just normal situations from everyday life. Other than that, none.


Improve language abilities as much as possible, be open to the new culture and take it easy.

Everybody will have different experiences so is important to be always in contact with people you can trust and enjoy.