IDEA League (RWTH Aachen Summer School)

Last Updated 2023/05/24


In the summer of 2023,

RWTH Aachen will host a summer school.

 [Theme: Scalable Quantum Computing - From First Principles to Market

  (September 11~15 , 2023)]

Tokyo Tech students are invited to participate in Summer Schools organized by five member universities of the IDEA League.

Please note that after applicant interviews conducted in English, Tokyo Tech will nominate one student to participate in this Summer School, and final selection will be made by the host university.

This Summer School is conducted for students of the IDEA League member universities, and the ASPIRE League, of which Tokyo Tech is a member university, has been invited to send its students as part of ongoing collaboration between the two Leagues.


Applicants should be

  (1) Master or PhD Students enrolled in degree-seeking program in Tokyo Tech

  (2) Interested in the theme of the summer school

  (3) Able to attend an online interview


RWTH Aachen (Germany)


RWTH Aachen (Germany)


September 11~15 , 2023

Call for Application

Number of nominees



There are no registration or participation fees. Participants should cover travel costs, overseas travel insurance, transportation, other personal activities during the program.


A stipend to cover some expenses may be provided by Tokyo Tech after returning to Japan.

The students who receive financial aid from programs that do not permit funding from other sources (e.g., recipients of MEXT Scholarship students, recipients of overseas government scholarships, etc.) are not eligible.

Date of interview

June 1 (9:00-10:30am) *Please note that the date and time cannot be changed.

Application procedure


Send the application documents to the International Engagement Division

via box file request.

Screening procedure

Nominations will be based on document screening and online interviews, which will be held on either June 1 (9:00-10:30am).


International Engagement Division



[Deadline Extension] 17:00, May 26, 2023

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